Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today in My Life ... Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today is:  Sunday, June 24, 2012

I got up this morning:  at 5:45.  Awake as if the sleep had been really good.  Pushed the button on the coffee pot, opened the blinds, turned on the computers, run my hand across the counters thinking how fortunate I am...

I look out my window:  and realize that I really need to dead head my roses and get my mint and lemon verbena planted!  As in .. TODAY!  

I am thinking:  that the bandages in my groin from the cardiac cath and the tape burns will have to come off today or they'll drive me nuts... ;o)  I'm allergic to the tape they used and it left a huge seeping burn area.. ;o(   However... it's dry now and time for the bandage to come off.....!!  ;o)

I am thankful for:  the fact that the cardiac cath shows only a 30% blockage of the stent.  Very happy result!  ;o)

Plans for the rest of the week:  include finishing several of the project I've started and put aside.  I am determined to NOT start anything new until these are finished... (hmmm... wonder if that will hold  But I will try...

The third CESI injection will be Friday.  That will be the last for this series.  I just wish I had known about these earlier in my life....

Creatively:  there hasn't been much happening.  I have been doing some mindless knitting in the evening and come up with some cute hand towels for my bathroom.  I love them.  They feel much better on my face than the terry cloth towels. 

And a "Thanks, Pat!" goes out to my buddy for bringing me a huge plastic bag of this wonderful cotton yarn.  Plans are to use it on my rigid heddle loom and make some small blankets.. but if I don't hurry up and finish some things I have started, it will end up being knit up into small things I can make in the evenings... lol

Happy thought:  that will continue to make my happy all week.  Two of my sons called this weekend and I think I have not laughed so hard in months!  What a joy! 

My online friend Judy of Apron Strings and Other Ties That Bind   has been doing some really pretty embroidery for her crazy quilt squares.  Among other things.. ;o)  Take a look and say hello.  ;o)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Frugal Living... hmmm

I've been doing a lot of pinterest lately.  There are so many links up for frugal living and make your own things that I am overwhelmed with ideas.. ;o) 

One of the things I found was concerning eggs.  It said that eggs have a film on them that will allow the egg to remain good for weeks if it is not washed off.  The eggs we buy in the store are washed with a caustic soap so all of the film is removed... and as a result the eggs spoil much more quickly.

So... the article said that if you cover each egg with a thin film of mineral oil the eggs will last for months in the pantry or where ever without refrigeration.

I HAD TO TRY THIS... !  ;o)

So I took 3 eggs, smeared them with mineral oil and put them in the pantry for 3 weeks.  I really couldn't make myself wait any longer so I finally had to check and see what would happen when I broke the eggs... Here's what I found..

I was truly stunned that eggs were still good, usable eggs after 3 weeks!  How's that for re-learning what our grandparents always knew.. ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful day...  Having a cardiac cath tomorrow so will be back in a few days.. ;o) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lavender Ridge Farms

Pat and I went to Lavender Ridge Farm on Saturday.  We picked lavender, drank lavender iced tea and lavender iced lemonade and bought lavender plants... along with some others.. ;o)  What a wonderful day. 

Well, it's Monday one more time.  ;o)   Have sewing to do.  Will finally be able to get back to my patiently waiting (almost) purse... 

It will have a very large red button on the pocket.  I've been trying to make it have over the head straps... but I think that will not work.  ;o(    Anyway, we'll see.  More on this project later.. ;o)

I hope your Monday is the beginning of a week that you will look back on with fondness.. ;o)
Have a good day...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Today In My Life

Today is:  Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I got up this morning:  after dreaming about Michael Kitchen... Can't imagine how that would happen, especially with our penchant for watching every movie or television program we can find that has Michael Kitchen in it.. ;o)  We have just finished watching The Hanging Gale .  This is a BBC television special that is absolutely wonderful...about the Irish Potato Famine.  Tea at Trianon  speaks about this BBC special.  Michael Kitchen portrays the Land Agent.  It is a wonderful, gritty and heartbreaking movie...

As I look out the window:  the trees are waving at me.  There is a strong wind blowing in a storm that we are supposed to have this evening.  But the view through the screen on the back porch is still lovely... ;o)
 I have to say that seeing these lovely roses bloom over and over all year is such a pleasure. 

I am thinking:   that I should have remembered all those crocks that my grandmother had on her cabinet.  I can still see her taking her knives and gently running them over the tops of those crocks.  I guess I never really thought about the fact that she was sharpening her knives... until I came across a pinterest site that shows how you can do the same thing with you ceramic cups! 

By holding the knife at a 30° angle and gently running the blade over the unglazed part of the bottom of the cup... voila'.. sharp knife!  I do soooo with I had known about this long ago.  All those years of complaining about dull knives would have never

Today I am thankful for: the sounds of the birds chirping away out the back door.  I have painted some small birdhouse and will be trying to get some wrens to come visit us.. ;o)

Plans for the rest of the week:  include Dr., Dr., Dr., ... but that is a relatively good thing... I hope.  I have been having surgical injections for pain in my back and am in the the third round now...  And are they wonderful! 

Creatively:   I have so many projects going that the pics will have to wait until tomorrow.  ;o) 

A happy thought:    Everyone needs a little fairy dust .. ;o)  Hope you have LOTS in your day!