Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New Do


We've lived in our home 5 years now and have decided that we need to do a little updating since our home was built in the '70s.  We put it off for a few years just because we didn't want to go through all the mess.. plus we both have had health issues.  But a month ago we decided the time is right.. so here we go.. It's been 3 days now and it looks like another few days before we can see the progress.  

They are spraying the walls today with texture and then will knock it down for a softer look.  The ceiling will be White Dove and the beams will be the same.  Hopefully that will stop the eye-popping stand out of the beams.  

Putting 2 new lights in on the east side of the room for some added light.  Really need that.  

Truth is... we both (and the dogs) miss our  

I think the cloud of 40 year old dust is taking a toll on Jerry.  He was very sick last night...all night. But.. when this is done, the old dust will be completely gone.  That will be a good thing. 

It's only 84° right now!  True cold front!  Temps only supposed to reach 92° today.  Wonderful! 

Have a great day today.. do something creative even if you don't feel like it.  Hugs.. 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Nothing as Good as Children

 Got a phone call Thursday wanting to know if we were going to be home.  Of  It seems 2 of my sons had ridden their bikes to Sturgess to the bike rally .. and Chuck was stopping here on his way home! He got to spend the night and had to go home the next day (yesterday), but was sooo good to see him and to spend time with him.  I would post his photo, but he doesn't like to have his pic posted, so will not.  

Sometimes I wonder how I got so terribly attached to our 2 little dogs...and then I see something like this picture.  lol   Katie was only a few months old 10 years ago when this picture was taken.  You can hardly tell her tiny little self apart from the neck pillow I always kept on my chair!  And Sam just had to sit on my lap and nose around to whatever he could find.  They have become our second set of "children" as we grow older and our kids have all grown up.  We love 'em.. 

Temps here in Oklahoma have finally fallen below 100 degrees a couple of days ago... truly feels like a cold front came through when it hit only 98°!  Hopefully the heat dome that was sitting over us has either broken or moved on. None of my flowers did very well this year.  The only thing that was good were the onions that I put out... they were perfect!  Just not enough of them. 

Covid numbers are back up in our county so people are staying in again.  Not too happy about that.  Time for me to go back to sewing, knitting and spinning... maybe a little painting. 

Hope your days have been good ones.  Hug your loved ones and spend as much time as you can with them.  

Friday, August 05, 2022

The Long Hot Summer and Sourdough Bread

I've tried for years to get a sourdough bread to work.. without any luck, I might add.  Finally I found a way that works!  Ask me if I'm   I put the dough together last night at bedtime and let it rise all night, then punched it down this morning and let it rest another 45 minutes in the pans.  Baked it at 450° until it browned and voila'  .. it worked!  

I worked and worked with this a couple of years ago when there was NO bread on the shelves...yeast was almost impossible to find (had son mail me some from Michigan)... and even flour was not to be found on Amazon.  I never could get it to work for me, but I didn't know how.  Thanks to I finally got a full idea of how it's done.  I didn't follow completely since I don't have a dutch oven that is the right kind for this, but I followed enough that it worked.. :)  Here's the full instructions for this .. .

It's been miserably hot this year with every day for over a month having temps above 100°F.  Misery is not even the best word and I can't think of one bad enough.  Dangerous is better.  Our grandson Dustin is working for a roofer and had heat stroke yesterday.  This temperature gauge is on our back porch, in the shade, and this temp shown was yesterday about 5pm.  The cotton crop that the poor dry land farmers have is almost negligible.  Tiny, short plants with few blooms that we could see from the road as we drove by...and it's just now August.  This will definitely be "The Long Hot Summer" .... 

I found another Michael Lee doll on Amazon not long ago.  Was so surprised and tickled!  A bright spot in a long hot 
 I had no idea Michael Lee was also in movies!  Heaven and Earth,  Noble House, Around the World in 80 Days, Operation Dumbo Drop..  amazing.. Here is a youtube video with Michael and some of his later dolls.  

Hope your weeks have been good.  I will try to do better at posting, but no promises made with all the heat.  :)   Kiss your loved ones and hug your fur babies.. have a wonderful day. 

Sunday, July 03, 2022

In Times Past

My brother and I spent a lot of time with Dad's mom and dad in the country.  They usually had a cow, chickens and occasionally pigs.  As a result, there was always milk, eggs, butter, buttermilk.  Grandma kept several crocks on her cabinet that she would pour the fresh milk into and let the cream settle to the top.  When her knives would get dull, she would "whet" them across the edge of those crocks to sharpen them. 
  One day I got so frustrated with my paring knife I almost threw it away.  Then I saw one cup upside down on the cabinet .. voila'..  What could it hurt to try???  So I did.. and it worked.  Now this is what I do when I have a dull paring knife.  May not be chef sharp, but it does what I need done.  :) 

Daughter and son in law are here and we went to the Backdoor Steakhouse in Blair, OK for supper last night.  Had a wonderful time.  Going to Russell, OK today and visit some Schuster home places. Totally glad we now have cars... a little hot for the old horse and buggy days.. lol  

Have a good day today and enjoy the 4th of July holiday.

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Reading, Reading, Reading

 Seems I've been on a real reading kick for the last couple of months.  Kindle Unlimited has been my best friend with me reading up to a whole book a day.. sigh  Really must stop this. 

The current crop of 12 books is by R. Allen Chappell with his Navajo Nation Mystery Series.  I've read the first six and am on the 7th now..  I've thoroughly enjoyed this series.  It's not the highest class reading.. very easy to read and smooth sailing..  but I'm really enjoying his knowledge of the Navajo people and some of their ideas on life. 

Vaughn Entwistle is another series author I've read this go round.  He pairs up Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde .. I know.. hard to get my head around these two  But somehow he makes it work and turns out truly enjoyable read. 

It's been very hot here in Oklahoma for the last few weeks (triple digits) and staying inside is only alternative at the moment. Hope everyone is staying cool wherever you are.. Have a lovely day! 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I've been trying some new stitching combinations (for me..ha) trying to see what they will look like before putting them on Jim and Don's wedding block. This is a needlebook cover that I have done using the feather stitch and a new rose combination. (If you want to see some really beautiful stuff just wander over and take a look..) This rose is just a stem stitch done in circles... how easy!
The top photo is the back of the cover and has spiderweb roses while the roses on the front (bottom photo) are the ones done in the stem stitch.

Crocheted Thimble Bag

One of the comments on my old Fabric Follies blog asked for the pattern for the crocheted thimble bag that I made last winter for Grandma Ingram's thimble. Since I have never gotten around to writing down the pattern, I will put some links up for crocheted thimble bags.
There are a couple found at CQ Mag Online . The pattern is here. It is not shown with beads, but could easily have beads added. Another is by Becky Dwyer and also is not shown with beads, but here also the beads would be easy to add. The pattern is shown here. I hope these help.  And perhaps now I will make more of an effort to get this pattern down in writing..grin

24 Days & DH's Day 1

Well, it's been 24 days without a cigarette. I have to say that I do NOT miss the hacking cough, the smell, the ashes mess, the interruption to run outside and smoke, finding the smoking section of a restaurant. I have missed the time spent on the porch with DH in the mornings and throughout the day. Today will his first day using the patch and quitting. This is a very good thing.
It's actually thundering outside as I post this. What a great sound! We are supposed to get an inch of rain today and that would be wonderful.
I had my second visit with the cardiologist. Tests were done... etc.. etc.. An appointment has been made with another cardiologist to have a cardiac cath done on Tuesday.
In the meantime, I have been crocheting a bit. Small projects that can be finished quickly. 

108° .... Phew.. Good Time to Spin .

When DH came in yesterday from coffee with the guys, he said the bank temperature sign said 108°. I personally wouldn't know since the closest to outdoors I went was to take a few things to my workroom quickly and shut the door behind me as I left. :O) The silk/merino mix that I bought in Tucson at Grandma's Spinning Wheel has been spun into a 14 wpi 2 ply yarn. When I have plied what is on this spindle I am hoping to have enough for a light, lacy scarf. I love this stuff... The silk gives it a wonderful sheen and the softness just makes me want to walk around with it glued to my If you have read my blog for a long time, you know that I started this blog blogging about embroidery and ribbon embroidery. 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Bit of This and A Bit of That

Yesterday it was 85°F ... beautiful sunshiny day.  Last night was thunder rolling, raining and very cold.  Today is overcast, cold and was 28°F when I got up and took the dogs out at 7:15am.   Right now it is 30°F and overcast with wind gusts up to 50mph..  My friend posted on facebook that it is snowing in Amarillo and that's only a couple of hours away.  Welcome to Oklahoma... roflol

The daffodils are the first to show their little heads early in the almost spring.  I noticed them a couple of days ago and today .. after the short rain last night.. they have grown at least 2 inches.  I surely do hope we have more rain today. 

I got so tickled when I looked for new growth on my irises... looks like the tiny new "flags" are unhappy that the Magnolia tree is encroaching with its dropping leaves on her bed.. lol  Looks like "scissors" wins.. 

I searched for Autumn Joy sedum for years.  Finally found  some only to have a gardener pull it up thinking it was a weed.. 😧  I finally found some somewhere else and have managed to keep it alive.  Always so happy to see those little rosy faces peek out .  :)

Years ago when I first began to spin, I made my spindles from a toy wheel, a dowel rod and (thanks to my sweet husband) a cup hook screwed in the top of the dowel rod.  I have recently joined a page on facebook for spindle spinners and have renewed my interest in spindles.  However, I'm finding it difficult to maintain the same counterclockwise spin.. ughh If you spin the wrong direction after starting, it all comes undone and drops the spindle on the floor...   :(  Must work on that.. sigh

Every now and then some yarn is spun that is just not what you thought it would be.  This was that yarn to begin with.  I really hated did not like it.  It was just totally blah.  I read about something called corded yarn where you take the 2 or 3 ply yarn, respin it tightly and then ply it again.. VOILA' !!! I LOVE IT!  Just unimaginably perfect!  I will try this with several others that I have had sitting in my storage box for a while. 

Time to get up and accomplish something.  (Probably not).. but will make the (littlest) effort anyway.  lol  Have a wonderful day.. :)