Thursday, November 15, 2007

Water, Water...Everywhere

This is the scene at our house last Sunday....

I went into the kitchen for some reason or other and there was water all over the cabinet...and growing... When I turned on the faucet the water began to spray in all directions...what a

DH took it apart and tried to fix it, but it was one he was totally unfamiliar when Don and Jim arrived...they took a look. Here's the advise... Never buy Kohler fixtures... no one on the planet has parts to fix them....

We called the plumber and gave them the info on the faucet... guess what.. they didn't have parts either.. had to be ordered and were supposed to be here yesterday.. but we are still waiting...

Here has been the plan in the kitchen since last Sunday... Most of the ones my age and older in the family are quite familiar with the process. Anyone spending time with our grandmother would have been through it on a daily basis.. she had no indoor plumbing until the 1960's. Huge family dinners were prepared and the mess was cleaned up with water drawn from a well and heated on the stove.

So the last few days haven't been terribly bad.. just a little more inconvenient than usual.

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