Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're Back!!

The Reunion was great. There were a few bumps in the road, but everyone enjoyed visiting with each other so much. We had 3 new guys and one new wife that had never been to a reunion before... what a great time we all had. Several of us went to Dealy Plaza and the Schoolbook Depository... all us historical buffs loved it. The picture is of Reunion Tower. The restaurant in the ball on top revolves at the rate of one revolution per hour so all the patrons can see the entire skyline of Dallas as they are enjoying the terrific food.
Pat and Patty had brake trouble just as we got to the hotel, so we followed them back to our house and they stayed for a couple of days while their car was being repaired. They left this morning for their long trip back to Virginia.
DH and I are totally tired after the last few weeks, but it's a good tired and we are always sooo glad to see everyone. Then we are always sooo glad to be home... grin

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reunion Time Is Here

Pat and Patty have been here a couple of days now, and what a wonderful visit it has been. We leave tomorrow about noon for Dallas and the reunion, so no posts for a few days. Reunion recap when we get back...grin

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Puff Ball "Almost" Identified

Our company has arrived from Virginia. Thanks to Pat, we now know that this is not the fruit of the tree... it is a parasite that is filled with a gray powder that I assume is spores that will carry in the wind to propagate the species. Another friend said that his father always called Devil's Puff Balls and not to ever inhale the powder. Pat says they grow on oak trees... and we have plenty of those... Thanks to Rose and Mariella who researched several places for me to try to find out...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

SRE Bear Update

The silk ribbon embroidery is complete for the tiny bear. Now for the sewing part.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Puff Balls

Every now and then these little puff balls are found in the yard. Does anyone know what they are? I thought for a while they were seed balls dropped off the sweetgum tree, but the sweetgum balls are spiked... hmmm

Friday, June 16, 2006

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Bear

These are the first steps of the embroidery for the tiny bear. It has been worked with DMC embroidery thread for the stem stitching and silk ribbon for the roses and leaves. The gingham is a little light-weight, but we'll see how it turns out.

In other news.... there isn't any... grin DH is worried that while we are gone to the reunion the squirrels will run out of water, so we have dug out the dog waterers (you know.. the kind with the jug on top that drops water into the bowl) and we are now testing to see if the squirrels will drink from them on the ground.

Our new Sweetgum tree has yellow leaves all over.. Don't know what is happening with that.. I noticed when the guy from the nursery planted it that it looks like the main tap root has been cut... hmmmm

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby Bear Embroidered

I found this pattern in the CQ Magazine Online in their archives here. (Take a look... the bear in picture is soooo cute!) I wanted mine to be little more country, so I will do it in the yellow gingham and use ribbon embroidery instead of the Brazillian embroidery that is used in the pattern.
Time's growing short.. the reunion is around the corner and company's coming sooner than that..grin So will be quite busy for a while....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Round Robin Letter Update

The Round Robin Letter is now in Gainesville. Will post more later this evening... busy day...grin

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ostrich Egg is Painted!

My friend Rose just picked up the ostrich egg. Her birthday is in a few days, so I guess this is her birthday present..grin "Happy Birthday, Rose!" For a really big pic of the egg, click here....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ostrich Egg Painting

I was sent an email from Don early this week telling me of someone who wanted to have her ostrich egg painted. So I contacted her and after working up a sample, this is what she has decided to put on the egg. She will be bringing it by this afternoon. Update when it's done..grin

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Our "Sonic Bird"

I took this picture yesterday of our "Sonic Bird". For a really large view, click on the pic. Of course, she is very busy sitting on her nest so she didn't come up and show off that beautiful bright yellow breast that she has. They both have a slight indentation of the feathers on top of their head.. makes them look like a silent movie star with their hair parted in the middle..grin We thought maybe the male would come up and relieve her so I could get his pic... but no dice.. didn't show up. When he shows up, she flies straight up into the sky until she is a tiny speck... I don't think I have ever seen a bird fly that high. The male does not sit on the nest, but he flits from one limb to another, looking around all the time and never leaves until she returns.
The closest bird photo I found in our book is the Western Kingbird, but it says their nests are saucer shaped... this one looks more like an oversized hummingbird nest.. deep and bowl shaped. Anyway.. perhaps someone will recognize this bird and let me know for sure...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Every Day Stuff

Dropped Chuck an email today. Haven't heard from him in a couple of months, and Iraq is in such turmoil that we worry a bit. Got pics of Dustin (in Iraq) the other day from Donna on Yahoo Pictures. (Sooo good... he looks great!) My friend Deb is gone to Kentucky and she dropped me an email update on their trip yesterday. Was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the newsletters and membership cards and Tom emailed me a wonderful pick-me-up "thanks" note. It turns out our "Oriole" at the Sonic is not an Oriole at all, so we went online to see what kind of bird it might be... haven't found it yet! Found a wonderful antiquing site the other day (link from Deb) called great stuff. DH checks some our utility bills online each month... so much better than waiting for our erratic mail to come. Aunt Edna posted this pic of Uncle Bobby on her blog Contemporary Musings and my day was made! When Phil and Loretta were here, they got me hooked on Food where Phil downloads all kinds of recipes that are terrific..
This list could go on and on... I think the whole point of it is.... Sometimes I think that perhaps too much time is spent in the position of this bear clipart...grin But then as I look at all the good things that can be accomplished, the pc begins to look better and better and I think... how long would it take for all these things to happen (and could they happen) without it!! Just thinkin'.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Orioles Nesting

DH and I go to the local Sonic a couple of times a week for lunch and usually try to get there about the same time of day so we can park where we can watch the traffic (and the progress of the Chicken Express they are building next door). A couple of weeks ago we noticed a beautiful Oriole flying around and landing in the small landscaping tree in front of us. Then we realized that she was picking up small pieces of paper and bits of string... she was building a nest in the tiny tree! Well, her eggs have hatched! Right there in one of the busiest places in town! We are waiting for their fledgling flight since we have no idea how many chicks she has.
I guess it just goes to show... home can be anywhere the heart is!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

V-Stitch Afghan Pattern

This afghan was done last winter when I decided to try to use up some yarn that I had left over from another project. Well... I had to buy more yarn, so now I still have yarn left over..grin It was very easy and is essentially just one V-stitch after another, turn and do another row of one V-stitch after another. But I have put the pattern up
here at Fabric Follies. This simple pattern also makes lovely doilies and/or table toppers when done in a small thread or bedspread cotton thread.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a Stash!

Over the next few days, I will be putting up pics of some more of the things that Deb gave me out of the crocheted doily stash that she has... I really like this Irish Rose table topper. I'm not sure yet whether I will put it on the dining room table or use it somewhere else.
On other notes... I still am not sure whether the RRL has made it to Gainesville or not. I will call tonight to see.
We spent yesterday running around the Texhoma area delivering broken lawnmowers... ugh.. The Husqvarna broke right in the middle of mowing the valley. The Dixon was already down with a flat and a belt, so that had to be taken into Oklahoma to the dealer for repair. And to do this, we had to rent a small trailer... what a day!
The good news is that after a day like that one, coming home is always good.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunflower Chip Bowl

Yesterday was our friend Roger's birthday. After a disastrous attempt to make him a birthday cake..(another post altogether! .. grin) we stopped at Albertson's and bought one on our way to their house. What a good time we had.. Happy Birthday again, Roger!
While we were there, Deb asked if I like sunflowers and when I said yes, she handed me this lovely, bright sunflower chip (or relish) bowl. Another find in her many garage sale-ing, flea market, thrift store, auction, estate sale (or whatever is handy!... grin) rounds. At some point, when our lives slow back down, we are going to start making the rounds with them. What lovely finds and at truly just pennies! Thanks again, Debbie.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vintage Crocheted Apron

My friend Debbie and her husband are terrific garage salers... We were going through a box of crocheted items that she bought for a couple of dollars and came up with this beauty. I had never personally seen a crocheted apron since all the ones done in our family had been working, every day aprons made from good sturdy fabric. What a treat it was to find this! She graciously gave it to me...The waistband is filet crochet with the ends of the ties having little pink shells on the ends. The body is made up of simple shell stitches divided into rows by using the v-stitch into the top of each shell. The 3 vertical stripes are double crochet increases into the top of the shells previously made. Very simple pattern for such a pretty apron! I am surprised that anyone would sell it!

Friday, June 02, 2006

AVVA Cookbook

Well, the newsletter for the LRRP/Rangers is finished and mailed. The new membership cards are finished and mailed. Now it's time to start on our new fundraising project for AVVA. The scan cut off the top of the page, but this is essentially what it looks like right now. It may change a few times before publication, but at least it's a place to start.
This cookbook will be approximately 200 pages and will be sold for $10.00-15.00/ea. This will help get our fledgling chapter off to a decent start. The 1st Annual Spring Clean-up Sale was a great success and raised approx. $800.00. This has helped immensely, but much more is needed to meet the goals of having scholarship funds and veteran assistance.
We would love to have any favorite recipes you would like to share. Just leave them in the comments section or email me at .
And don't forget to give your veteran a hug today...grin

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Easy Sheet Music -- Free

Easy Sheet Music is a sheet music site that allows you to download 3 songs a day for free. There is a subscription service that allows unlimited downloads and there are many songs to choose from... all categorized for ease in locating the ones you like. Be forewarned... this is a heavy pop-up site, so be sure your pop-up blocker is on...

Round Robin Letter Update

The Round Robin Letter is now in Wichita Falls, Tx. (as of last report). It seems that with Phil's visit from Michigan, the time table is a bit behind..grin Guess John had to take Phil to play golf at the golf course where he is now working.