Thursday, March 29, 2018

Bob Burridge ... Artist Series on You Tube

I've mentioned before that I have fallen in love with watercolor.  The problem I've run into is how to afford to frame all these many, many pictures that I paint.  Even if I want to sell them, showing them is very difficult without frames.  Well... I've found the perfect thing!

Around the bush way of telling you... I'm always on YouTube watching art videos.  Today I ran onto a guy that is fabulous... and has great ideas.  His name is Bob Burridge .. he has a web page here..  and he posts "how to" videos on YouTube.  He has well over 100 videos and they are filled with great ideas for everything from collage to spray paint to watercolor to oils to acrylics.. and more. 

Here's what I found today.  How to cheaply "frame" your work if you use a lot of paper for your art.   I am definitely going to do this with a lot of mine. 
This was done using his method of painting people.  So EASY!  I love this.  I don't have any canvases right now in multiple sizes, but you can bet that when Hobby Lobby opens on April 2nd ... I will  have.  :) 

The weather is cool this morning.  Can't sit out on the porch for breakfast, but will later on today.  I hope you give Bob Burridge a try.. his use of collage in his work is fabulous... Dianne Nash.. :)

Hugs.. Have a great day

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today in my Life.. March 27, 2018

Today is:  March 27, 2018

Today in my life:   I reach for my coffee at 6:13 am, look over at my DH across the desk and my two fur babies on the floor sleeping and give thanks as I take a sip.   It's raining outside and when DH took the pups out this morning they ran out in the rain, did their business and ran back in... with Katie running into our bedroom, up her stairs and onto our bed only to find that I had not laid out my clothes.. oh woe is me!  (She always has to lay on whatever of my (or his) clothes are on the bed).  So she just sat down on my CPAP hose!

I got up this morning:  at 5:30 with a bit of a grumble.  I don't really hate  the idea of having to plan to go somewhere (Dr. office)... but it seems to throw off the entire day.   I guess.

I am hearing:  the tick of the clock on the wall beside me as the seconds pass by.  Not sure if I like that or 

I am thinking:  that I'm having a hard time thinking of something to be thinking.. lol  My brain is still on "NEED MORE COFFEE" time..

As I look out the window: I see the back porch.  It's big.. long.. and we've screened it in.  I was in Wal Mart a couple of days ago and found a real bargain on a patio table with 4 chairs.. Bought it.  We have been sitting  on the porch for most of the last 2 days and can't wait for the mornings to become warm enough to sit out with coffee and our laptops.  The photo looks a bit empty, but the other chairs are on the other side out of the way.  I'll do another pic when I have it finished... but we love it even if nothing else ever gets done.

The current book is:  The Solitary House  by Lynn Shepherd.  It's an historical novel set in London around 1850.  I'm finding it ok and quite readable .. but I have to say that I much prefer the David Morell books that are set in the same time period.  If you have not read them, the first one is Murder as a Fine Art .

Creatively:  there hasn't been much going on in the past couple of weeks.  A few quick bookmarks in watercolor, an oil painting for my son.  But there is a new shop opening in town called Pleiades 7.
It is a small shop that will be open to artisans of all kinds and will be essentially a consignment shop to sell your own creations.  I have spoken with the owners at length and am seriously considering placing my art in their shop.  We'll see.  (BTW.. I find that I truly do enjoy painting  I guess it's that bright red color that I have loved since the first grade!)

From the learning desk:  that is not a  I have decided that at the ripe old age of 69 I will fulfill at least one of the things on my bucket list.  Learn to play the piano.  I find that it's a lot easier to learn that left hand in your teens or 20s than in your 60s, but nevertheless I will persevere.  lol  I have to say that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to play Jingle Bells... even if it is that simplistic one that children learn.  Loving it.

Plans for the day:  Not many.  Follow up at the ophthalmologist.  I have to say that I really like her.  She saw that one of the reasons my vision was so bad was because the cataract implant was filmed over.  It took her all of 3 minutes to remove it with a laser and my vision is better than it has been in YEARS.  I am truly loving it!

We are finally getting some much needed rain this morning.  I need to work out in the flower beds and clear out the old stuff so the new stuff can grow.  Probably the rain won't last long, but every little bit helps.   Have a great day... hug your loved ones.. and say a little something nice to some stranger you meet on the street.. You never know, it may just make their day.. :)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Today's the Day!

All of the negative news about Facebook has had a bit of an impact around our house.  Today is the day that my facebook activities end.  I'm sad.  I love my friends, watching my children's posts and see photos of my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It is a very difficult thing to give up. 


I would kinda like to keep peace in the   Enough said.

We have been here in our new home 9 months now and it has been a definite up and down transition.  Old friends have been missed terribly and new friends made.  The roller coaster of "Do you want to move back?" or "Do you want to stay here?" ...  At the age we are now it's not  a surprise.  Change of any kind is a difficult proposition.  But the decision has been made and all is settling into it's proper perspective.  :)

It's almost time again for the "Fairy Ring" of mushrooms that would come after every rain last year.  Have to say I love   Fairies are one of my favorite things.  :)   I find it curious .. to say the least... that even when the mushrooms are not there, the grass is a bit of a different color inside that ring.  You can still see where it is.. hmm

We took out the old cellar that required a pump to keep the water out.. the water level here is so high that anything underground usually requires a pump.  We put a new cellar into the center of the garage... we don't have to get wet to go to the cellar.. :)   A good thing.  The bad thing.. we had to widen the garage door so both cars could get in without running over it.   Have to say that with tornado season upon us I am tooooo happy to have it. 

Tomorrow... our screened in back porch.  I just know you are enthralled and can't wait to see and hear about it.. roflol  Anyway,  The weather man keeps saying we are in for some rain, but I really have seen nothing more than what our sprinkler system put out.. hmmph .. 

Hello to all my buddies.. sending hugs out to everyone out there.  Hope your Spring is looking wonderful.. :) 

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

We Are Here...

It's been two months to the day since I arrived to open the doors to our new home for the movers to unload our furniture.  What a whirlwind of activity!  But I can finally say that almost all the boxes are opened and put away...the furniture is in place... and maybe there will be time now for a few crafts and/or exploring the town.  :)

This house is an older one, very large with a wonderful yard that is landscaped.  Crepe myrtles are blooming all around the house and the roses seem to never stop .. :)

This one is a beautiful peach color and has single roses on a short stem.. sadly no fragrance.  I have no idea what the names of these lovely roses are.. any of them.. but what's in a name anyway?  :) 

This one is on a very old vine that is as thick as my wrist at the base.  It has gold roses on one side and creamy white roses on the other.  Beautiful.

As with any older home, there have been a few things that have had to be fixed, mended,replaced or just lived with.. lol  But we love it already.. and Sam and Katie are over the moon with the size of the back yard... so much room to run.. so many new smells.  

But the best thing... the absolute best thing.. is we are only a couple of houses down from daughter Donna.   It's amazing how wonderful it is to look up and see her at the back door, spending an hour or so just visiting at the end of the day... totally makes everything else .. the move, the inconvenience, the plumber, the air conditioner guy, the builders screening in the back porch.. everything.. totally worth it.   

Well.. the heat is beginning to show it's ugly head around here.  So far there has been enough rain to help keep it down a little, but August is here and I'm thinking that will probably end.. sigh

Have a lovely day..  :) 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I may not ever shut my pc down again

I can't believe how difficult it is to get here... sigh Maybe this time I can keep up with whatever password Google demands for this site...

Anyway.. here I am and only about 8 months late.  But .. it has been a busy time.

 It would seem that we have reached that time in life when we really want to be nearer family .. so a move is underway from North Texas to Southwest Oklahoma.  At first it was not something that I was wishing for... It's hard to leave friends and a settled home, but after a little thinking it over I am truly looking forward to the move.  I cannot wait to be near the children and grandchildren.

The visit from grandson Dustin and family was a true joy. That visit is more than likely what helped make up our minds to made the move.

 My two sisters and I went to McKinney last year and in the wandering around thru the shops we came upon a small shop that had lovely antiques.  The proprietor was a young lady who enthusiastically helped us with anything we could think of and I asked her about the watercolor painting she had sitting on the shelf.  She said her mother had painted it and she was happy to sell us on the cards that had been printed from that painting.  She was so pleased to be able to sell some of her mother's art work and I was only too pleased to buy it.. lol   So I came home and immediately had to paint my own

On a trip to Lavender Ridge Farms a few years ago I bought 8 oz. of lavender.  It has been stashed away forever, so I decided I would make pillowcase sachets with it... and so I did.  I made about 10, and still have lavender left, so I will probably make more when we get resettled.

I'm so glad to finally be here.. on this site.. again.  For the few who are still following, thanks a bunch.. :)

Hugs from the very warm (and nearing hot) North Texas area... have a great day!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today in My Life .. September 25, 2016

Today is:  Sunday, September 25, 2016  

I got up this morning:  under protest.  When I finally looked at the clock it was straight up and down 6am and I thought.. "Oh well....sigh" and considered the wonders of a cup of coffee.

I am hearing:  rain.  I must have really slept last night since it rained all night.  The thunder is still rolling a bit occasionally and I have to say.. I love it.  Memories... I am about 4 years old.. in the wagon bed behind my Mom and Dad with 2 horses hitched to the wagon.  The road we are on is an old dirt road in Coal County, Oklahoma.  My dad is standing and holding the reins easily.. funny how I never consider that he should be so proficient with horses.  Mom is sitting on the wagon seat and my brother Larry is standing in back beside me.   I am fascinated with the bumpy ride...horses and wagons are a new and exciting thing.. as are most things when you're 4 years old.  :)  We have left the Hockett (pronounced Hoe-kett) place and are on our way to the Eubanks Place where my grandparents lived.   And the thunder rolled and a cool breeze rolled softly over us.  "Daddy.. what was that?"   "Somebody's potato wagon rolled over in Heaven"  he said....

I look out the window: and see it continues to rain just enough that it looks like fog as I see the headlights of cars coming around the curve in the road.  My sweet potato vines in the flower bed soak up the moisture like sponges and have grown to completely cover all the shrubs ... looks like the flower bed has been covered with kudzu.

I am thinking:  how wonderful it will be to have a visit from grandson Dustin and his lovely new wife next weekend. 

I am thankful for:  photographs and memories... facebook and old friends... 

I am reading:  again... Inspector of the Dead by David Morrell... who is one of my favorite authors.  This particular book is the second using Thomas de Quincey and his daughter Emily as the protagonists.  Wonderful books..  David Morrell's first book was .. ta da.. First Blood and it later became the Sylvester Stallone movie by the same name.   

When I first read The Opium Eater .. the 1st Thomas de Quincey book.. I had no idea that he was indeed a real person who was addicted to opium and was indeed a genius. 

Plans for the week:  would be great... but we all know that I am seldom one to follow plans anyway.  :)  There will be a great deal of picking up and putting away, cleaning, cooking and baking.  However... it's any one's guess in what order.. :)

Creatively:  I have been working on a shawl using the pattern called Old Shale .. Some people call this pattern Feather and Fan, but actually Feather and Fan is a totally different one.  Anyway.. whatever it's called, I love the look of this pattern and the feel of the finished product.  

Today will be a busy day with much to do, but I'm hoping for a little down time to paint this afternoon. 

Have a wonderful day today... Smile, laugh and hug all your family and buddies today.. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

OMG! I'm back in....

I had decided that I would never get to blog here again.  Perhaps I have figured out the secret.  We'll see if works next time I try to get in....

Six months... I'm sure a lot has happened but with my memory I'll never get it all in here.. lol  However, I have had cataracts removed from both eyes... and no one was more surprised than me to see that my walls are a different color than I thought.. :)  I'm still about a month away from totally healed and getting new glasses, but already the difference in my sight is amazing. 

Sister's Weekend this year was wonderful.  My two sisters and I get together every year in the summer for a couple of days.. just us.. and do "something".  This year we went to McKinney, TX and wandered the streets shopping and eating and shopping... and eating.. :)  It was too much fun .

There are shops of all kinds in McKinney and we stopped in a small shop that sold everything from antiques to soaps.  The proprietor was a very personable young lady who pointed out some cards that were prints of watercolors her mother had painted.  I love them.  I bought two of them... and then had to come home and paint some pears.. 

Saw a YouTube video on how to make these fabric wrapped cord bowls.. LOVE IT!!  I'm about to get the hang of it after making several small ones.  Here's the url: 
The Crafty Gemini ..  She makes it look so easy.. and it really is easy after I figured out the size of the stitches that looked best.  Love these!! 

Must go.. I hear my sweet DH getting around and he's going to be ready for breakfast before I even get in there..

Have a wonderful autumn day.. Give lots of hugs and kisses around... :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bread Box and Milk Jugs..

I love Lehman's Amish Store ... It has everything you would ever want for non-electric "stuff".  My sweet DH found the breadboxes one day and asked if I would like to have one and you can guess what I said.. :)  And I do love it ..

I've been keeping dry milk on hand and making it up as I needed it for years.  Lately.. after the doctor told me I was so deficient in Vitamin D that it was almost nil.. I've been drinking a lot of milk every day.  I started mixing up 2 quarts at a time of the dry milk and adding a little 1/2 and 1/2 to it. The 1/2 and 1/2 adds back the cream and makes the taste so much better.

I guess my sweet DH got tired of constantly moving the pitcher to get to what he needed in the fridge and he asked if I would like some real milk jugs... Blimey.. I didn't even know they made these anymore!   And I do love them!

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm already tired of all the political stuff... sigh   Seems to get worse every 4 years.. sigh again..

Have a wonderful day!  :)

Monday, March 07, 2016

A Little Nostalgia

Years ago... back in the 1960s ... everyone was saving their cans and making plaster of paris log planters.  I can hardly believe that was 50+ years ago... sigh  Anyway, I was thinking about all the plaster of logs I've made over the years and decided to do it again.. :)  So I did..

This one is made with small cans and I had to hunt to find the tiny little dog to put on it.  Little whatnots like that are hard to find these days.   I found this one in a cute little shop in the old mall that was once the hub of shopping for our city.  It is now almost completely empty... another bit of nostalgia and signs of changing times.

Our little city is growing by leaps and bounds. The traffic on our well traveled streets is growing and we now (almost) have traffic jams during the early morning and late afternoon as people go to work and get off work.  This means more road construction, more housing developments and more people.  :)    Areas that were empty pasture are now filled with lovely homes or new apartment complexes.  New businesses are springing up every day.  Exciting.. :)

Have a wonderful day!  :)