Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.. !!!!

Where:  Butterfield Stage Theater, Gainesville, TX

When:  Mid 1990s, somewhere around 8 pm.

For:  Butterfield Stage Players performance of "A Camp Howze Christmas"

Starring:  (among others)  one of my sons

My mom was sitting beside me.  I'm not sure whether she had ever been to a Community Theater before.  She was a little nervous and seemed a little unsure of herself.

The lights dimmed and a spotlight was beamed on the table of a small cafe' scene on stage.  The songs began and she laughed along with me and everyone else as Jim and a couple of his singing buds appeared on stage with WAC uniforms, wigs and stuffed bras that kept falling  Then there was the jitter bug that she had been sooo good at dancing. (As a child, I loved it when she would hop up from a chair and suddenly begin be-bopping )

Mom had been a young waitress during the last months of World War II in a tiny little Texas town called Lorenzo.  The scenes were all too real for her as we watched "the home front" replayed through the songs of that period that were so well done by the young singers and actors. 

The lights went way down... a back lit silhouette became visible behind one of the windows high up on the wall.. it became very quiet in the theater and the soft sounds of music began as Jim began to sing...

I heard a small sound and looked at Mom.  There was a tiny tear falling down her cheek. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Today In My Life... December 24, 2010

Today is:  Friday, December 24, 2010

I got up this morning:  feeling a little down.  It's Christmas Eve and none of the kids are able to come home.  It forces me to remind myself of all those holidays... when my children were growing up or I was unable to get time off on the holidays or there was a  lack of money for long trips... and the tons of other reasons that my Mom or Dad had to spend their holidays without us there.  It's true... we never understand or appreciate our parents until we are parents.. and in similar circumstances.  ;o)

As I look out the window:  the flock of crows that greet us every morning by doing a fly-by of our window have not shown up yet.  In fact, none of our morning greeters.. sparrows, wrens, chickadees... have shown up.  Wonder if they are hiding out in preparation for the cold front moving through.  Supposed to get really cold (at least for don't point, Phillip!)  ;o)  

I am hearing:  my sweet DH in the shower.  He (and I) have loved that shower that our sons put in for us.  Really will miss all the wonderful memories that have come with this house.. ;o(

I am thinking:  that perhaps I feel a little like Monte Walsh.   We went to McDonald's yesterday morning and had  breakfast.  Someone had left the Herald Democrat  newspaper on the table.  It's about 1/2 as wide as it used to be, has about 1/10th the number of pages and reminds me more and more of the very old newspapers of the Wild West that had no pictures.  And now with the e-readers, I'm afraid the same will be happening with "real" books.  I'm afraid the world as we know it is changing much too rapidly for me......

I am thankful for:   magic markers and corn cob ink pens.. ;o)

Creatively:   thankful for Joe Camilleri of Mangiare .  Wonderful chef who unselfishly publishes on his blog some of the most mouth watering recipes imaginable.. woo hoo!

Just a thought:  Colors... like friends.. beautiful each to itself.  Colors.. beautiful in a mish mash of random shapes... each close and making each other shine!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Today In My Life ... December 22, 2010

Today is:  Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I got up this morning:  and it seemed quite cool.. not terrible, but cool enough that I went and found a toboggan cap as I sat here surfing the net and waiting for sweet DH to get up.  Found some socks, wrapped up in my fuzzy robe... never realizing that in the heat of the "blazing 70° " of yesterday I completely turn off the heater... as in "OFF"!  and never thought to turn it back on... hmmmph

As I look out the window:  the sun is just rising with just a hint of pink on the horizon. The trees look a little forlorn with their bare, dark limbs slightly swaying against the steel of this morning's sky.

I am hearing:  the patter of coffee cup against coffee pot as DH finds another cuppa.. ;o)

I am thinking:  very little of any consequence this morning.  My brain is doing that ADHD thing and there are so many to choose from it's just not worth spending the time deciding.. lol

I am thankful for:  all the ups and downs in my life ... like everyone else... that lead us to become the persons we are.  However... some days I think I might like to be "just a little bit" of someone else.. ;o)

The one thing I learned this week:  is that I love the idea of a dream catcher.  I would love to think that all the bad thoughts and dreams would become enmeshed in a web before they made it to my dreams.. ;o)

Reading:  but still mostly not.  Seem to be in a reading, creative, hand craft dip.  Hmmm... what's up with that?

Creative news:  Linda B. over at Chloe's Place   is back after a very busy absence.  So happy to see her blog busy again.  She has the most wonderful ideas and lovely crazy quilt embroidery.

Not much else happening during the holiday season.  Seem to be very busy with the details of building the house.... I suppose those decisions could be deemed creative.. ;o)

Am crocheting the edging on my Pi shawl.  Seems just could not figure out how to do the cast on  and knit back for the knitted edging that I really wanted to do.  Anyway, here's how it's coming along...
It's laid out on top of a large crocheted afghan and the pink of that distracts a bit, but if I ever get it finished I'll make sure I take a really good pic.. ;o)

Plans for the rest of the week:  It's the Christmas holidays.. what else is there to say.. ;o)

A picture thought: 


Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.  ~Author Unknown

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today In My Life... Saturday, 12/18/2010

Today is:  Saturday, 12/18/2010

I got up this morning: and wondered how my sweet DH can sleep with all the accumulated accouterments that I now have on my side of the bed.  I guess the lack of my snoring all night must make up for the lack of stretching room.. ;o)  I hope so anyway!

As I look out the window:  I realize the shades are still drawn and the vision of Christmas lights I see so clearly stems from times past when my mom and her husband spent days putting lovely lights all around the house (as did every other house on their block)... and then the wait began.  The wait for the shining eyes, glowing cheeks and laughter as each child in turn was awestruck with all the glittering wonder of the Season. 

I am hearing:  the clock that was made with such care by my sweet DH as it chimes softly the 3/4 hour...telling me that it will soon be 6:00am...

I am thinking:  that it doesn't really matter how many classes you take, professors you listen to, interviews you take part in, spend your days working with... you will never understand a geriatric patient and their thought processes until you are one.

I am thankful for:  old things that are stashed away gathering dust and cobwebs.  The old glasses that allow you to see while that "forever" period passes and new ones are made... the old mouse that still works when the new one dies... the old keyboard that may not be so "ergonomic", but still fits the fingers like comfortable old shoes.

The one thing I learned this week:  isn't just one.. ;o)  But the one that I remember as of this moment is that shea butter is a wonderful thing.  I bought some a couple of years ago..along with many other make my own hand creams.  I did make the hand cream and now have all these ingredients left over.  Shea butter..on it's own.. slathered over the back of very dry hands at night makes a huge difference when you wake up in the morning.  Mine is a tad old and the smell may not be wonderful, but the hands are clapping "thank you"... ;o)

Reading:  but mostly not... I just cannot seem to find a new author that I really like.  I will think I've found one and then it just fades away.  Back to reading David Baldacci's  "The Camel Club"  for the fourteenth (at least) time...

Creativity news: continues to be centered around the Pi shawl I am attempting to make and the most enjoyable friends that are growing into the Red River Fiber Arts group.

The Pi shawl is coming along, but I'm afraid I won't have enough of the New Zealand wool yarn to make it as large as I wanted to make it.  I suppose I could spin  up some Romney in a natural color that would match, but haven't decided yet.  I have started to take it off the knitting needles using a crochet stitch.  Considering doing a very large crochet edging to add another 4" or so to each side... that would add 8 inches to the diameter.  Will see about that..  

Red River Fiber Arts group... see the smiles on the faces and all that food on the table... there is nothing more to   (Except the secret of the pounds gained... ;o)  What a wonderful, talented and fun group of ladies.

Plans for the rest of the week:  ... hmm.. there's not much week left.  Today is laundry day and will certainly include .. ta da... "the mopping of the floors"....that sounds like it should be some kind of mystic holiday... ;o/ 

A picture thought:  

When you leave a place, leave a small piece of your joy behind as seeds of contentment for the next persons who live there.

Christmas is almost here and regardless what it's called or how much rigmarole is presented by the press... Christmas is a personal thing for each family... they can't change any of that.  ;o)  So have the happiest of times during this Season.  ;o)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today in My Life... 12/13/2010

Today in my life:   December 13, 2010

I got up this morning:  a little slowly and resentfully.  Between being cold and waking up way too early (2am) ... I was just not in the mood..  But the robe is furry, the socks are wool and the coffee is wonderful.. so all is good.  :o)

I am hearing:  my sweet DH swishing his coffee around his mouth... just like I do.  Something about that swish... just makes it taste better all around. ;o)

As I look out the window:   I see only darkness.  Between the time change and season change, that lovely warm sunrise that we see through the office window comes later and later each day.  Looking forward to another equinox and the changes that will bring.

My one thing I learned this week:   is that when recommendations are made by the doctor, there is usually a really good reason.  Ages back, the Dr. said I needed to sleep with my head raised... just could not see that happening until this week.  My sweet DH bought me a wedge for the bed and guess what... amazing... no more snoring and a massive decrease in heartburn.  But never let it be said that I act on such recommendations in a timely manner.. my reputation would be

Reading...or current book... or ??? :   I just cannot seem to read more than 2 pages at night without my eyes closing.  Guess my "book" books will just have to take all year to read.  But as for the magazines... ah hah... I've read all my Spin Off magazines at least 4 times this week. I love the part that compares spinning for crochet as opposed to spinning for knitting.  There is a difference. 

Creativity news:  Have finally begun to spread the wings a little bit with my knitting.  Began another Pi shawl using the New Zealand wool hand spun that I did earlier in the year. It started out the same as the other shawl, but for this one I added a very simple (yo k2tog) row followed by 2 rows of stockinette.  These 3 rows repeated make a lovely shawl.  (Got the idea from Pat Blankenship of Confessions of a Fiber Enthusiast.. ;o)  Thanks, Pat. )

Plans for the rest of the week:   Seems no matter how hard I try, I cannot make my hair stop growing.  That means another trip to the beauty shop for the buzz of the shears.  A pot luck Christmas (almost..;o)  dinner with the girls at the RRFA... can't wait for that!   And as for plans for today... wishing daughter Bev the happiest birthday ever... !

And here's a thought:  One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day.  Don't clean it up too quickly.  ~Andy Rooney

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today In My Life... 11/29/2010

Today:  November 29, 2010

I got up this morning:  about 6:30 to the sound of pitter-patter rain drops on the roof.  Soft misty rain and gray skies are warmed by the green, sienna and ochre of the leaves that still hold on to the trees.

I am hearing:   the click of the keyboard as I type reminding me that I really need to buy a new one.  This has been the most disenchanting keyboard I have ever tried to use... ;o(

My one thing I learned this week:  Seeing old friends after many years apart is almost as good as having children come home for a visit... different parts of the heart may be involved, but the heart swells with joy just the same.

The current book is:  Look Three Ways at Murder by John Creasey.  Published in paperback in 1966, I am enthralled with the work of John Creasey.  I think the characteristics of human life never change... however much we would love to think of ourselves as having "progressed" into a newer way of life.

Creativity news:  Several of the spinners and weavers in the area decided that we wanted a time and place to meet together and spin, weave, knit or whatever we would like to do.  I checked with the local Senior Center, got an enthusiastic welcome, and now we have met twice.  There is much interest in spinning and weaving in the area and up to now there has been no place to get together with others to learn or practice new things.  We now meet every Thursday at the Senior Center from 1pm to 3pm (or whenever we decide to leave.. ;o)

In trying to teach several different ones to spin, I have found that one of me is just not enough to go around.  I purchased a Mother Marion Kick Spindle last week to see if perhaps that will help some to understand the process.  Have to add here... I love it.. ;o)  Just wish I had 10

I will be calling the Senior Center today to confirm that we can also have an evening meeting on the second Tuesday of every month.  This would help the ones who have to work or go to school and give them an opportunity to learn and also to share some of their knowledge with us.

Plans for the coming week:  are a bit up in the air.  I think that perhaps this week will just come and go of it's own free

A picture thought:

The loss of the leaves only serves to open the view to the beautiful sky beyond...

Have a wonderful day... ;o)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

There is no gift like an old friend....

I searched for her for years. Finally I turned to my sweet DH and after about 3 days of searching... she's here... Turns out she was doing the same...searching for me... ;o)

We graduated nursing school together, we worked at the same places, we shared an apartment and we shared long moments of our lives.  And it never matters how far apart in time they are...

They are gifts... those long moments of our shared lives.

I'm so glad to see you, Nancy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Prize and Judge's Choice!

The Red River Quilter's Guild in Wichita Falls, TX. hosted their Quilting in the Falls: Bi-Annual Quilt Show on October 9th and 10th.

DDIL enters each show with a quilt that she hand quilts.  Her work is so perfect that even though she encourages me to enter my quilts... no   So here I am in bragging mode and delighted that she placed with a blue ribbon and also won Judge's Choice this year.

She does much more than just quilting.  She crochets, embroiders, knits... and is just as talented with those crafts as with the quilting.
Have a look at some of the things she is working on now at her blog Black Cat.  It's written in Japanese, but the pictures are self explanatory and there's always Babblefish.. ;o)

Congratulations, Tomomi...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crystalized Ginger... Easy Almost Tutorial

I use ginger root in my tea sometimes, but often have lots of that tuber left over to throw away after it shrivels up into nothing.  Today I decided that there was no way I could drink enough tea to use up what I had on the cabinet, so I searched the net and found recipes to crystallize it.  Had no idea it would be so easy. 

First... peel or scrape the ginger. Rinse it off and slice it as thinly as you can.

Put it in a small saucepan and just cover with water.  Bring to a boil, then lower the heat to simmer and simmer the ginger for 30 minutes.  It should be tender and getting translucent when this step is done.

My sweet DH came in about now and I forgot to take pictures of the next steps. (Did I tell you to open all the windows and turn on all the fans in the house?  I didn't!  Well, perhaps you should.  ;)   I actually like the smell, but some people don't, so better safe than sorry.)

When the 30 minute simmer is done, pour off the water.  Measure the amount of cooked ginger using a food scale or  a dry measuring cup.  Place back in the pan and then add an equal amount of sugar and about a teaspoon of water.  Bring to a boil once again and it will take another 20 minutes or so for the syrup to boil down.  When it reaches the stage that it begins to look like the bubbles that come up when making candy, be sure to stir it constantly until it is almost dry. 

While the ginger is cooking, take a paper plate or something and put about a cup of sugar in it.  Gently spread it around a little.

After the ginger has cooked almost dry, pour it onto the bed of sugar.  Using a fork, spread it around quickly to cover each slice of the ginger.  Spread it out on a paper towel and let it cool and dry out completely.

After the ginger cools and dries, it can be stored in a sealed jar for several months.  The left over sugar has now become "ginger sugar" and can be used in your tea or in baking. 

I love this and will definitely not be without it from now on.  As I was researching ginger, I found that chewing this is good for nausea...among LOTS of other things.

BTW... if you were one of those kids who loved Red Hots  when you were a kid, you'll love this.  Tastes wonderful, but as you go along eating it suddenly it becomes hot and then hotter.  Never hot like a jalapeno tho.. just more like the Red Hot candies..

This was fun... If you try it, I hope you will let me know how your came out.

Have a wonderful day.. ;o)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frustration... so let's sew!

We thought we would have to call a repair man to check out the washer and dryer when we began to find dark spots that look like oil on our clothes.  But we turned to the trusty personal computer and internet and guess what we found?...  Gunky build up on the dispensers and in the tub are supposed to be what causes it.  We spent all day yesterday working on this...took all the dispenser apart and cleaned them in the kitchen sink, washed the entire dispenser area until it squeaked.. ran a full load of whites with the recommended 1/4 cup of powdered Cascade w/Dawn degreaser and 1 cup Clorox.  Whites came out pretty white, but the next load of his shirts and my pants showed no appreciable difference in the spots... ughhh  Still working on this today... ;o((

By the time our tempers had vented from the frustration we decided it was time for a hug, supper and a little quiet.  We had supper, watched "Frost" solve another case,  and I decided to do a little hand sewing. 

I have had that terrible urge to do something...anything... with a hand needle for the last couple of weeks.  Why is that do ya think? Anyway, I have this pile of wonderful flour sack tea towels that I've had hidden away in my work room (there's a story...more on that later) so I decided to dig them out.  Over on Fabric Follies Two , I will be blogging about some embroidery that I used on one of them.  I digress...again.. sigh 

After cutting them in half, the hemming went like a charm.  This stuff sews like butter.  I'm thinking of buying another dozen and sewing me up a blouse or something to wear with it... you think I'm kidding.. not!  ;o)

It's going to be a busy week.  Company flying in from Idaho that DH hasn't seen in many years.  I'm really looking forward to this.  They get on the phone and do nothing but laugh...  It does a heart good..  ;o)

Hope your day is good... Hugs..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look What I Found!

Back in 2003, my sweet DH and I attended a reunion of the LRRP Rangers in San Antonio, TX.  What a time we had!  I met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Fun, fun, fun!  One of the other wives and I wandered off down the River Walk and came across a guy sitting out in the sun doing pastel caricatures.  I just had to do it.. ;o)  And a couple of days ago I came across this stashed in one of the guest room closets.  I love  Just as he was finishing up, Karin was standing there hurrying us up... poor guy did a great job anyway...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

News of the Day

I've deleted my Facebook account.  While I truly enjoyed it most of the time, I found myself on it far too much.  It seemed that every day I spent more time sitting there looking than I did up and about doing things.  So, yesterday the deletion took place.  I will miss very much being in touch with far away friends, but there really is the old fashioned email and absolutely archaic snail mail.. ;o) 

The weather here has veered to the slightly hot for the last few days.  We've been in and out and find it just as funny now as we did when were we kids...tripping over stuff when the car door is opened and the hot air fogs the glasses.  And it's even funnier when you look over and everyone you see is carrying their glasses in their hand for the very same reason.  ;o)

I've almost completely cleared my work room.  Essentially all of the contents with the exception of my sewing machines and mat cutter, tools and few other things were delivered to the Salvation Army yesterday.  That includes all the craft paints, oil paints, pastels, brushes....everything.  I will let you know if I have any real remorse when the reality finally sets

Finally got pictures of the spider lilies the other day.  So pretty.  They are like magic, popping up out of nowhere with a splash of color.  

I find it a bit ironic that the City of Sherman does a bit of moaning about losing businesses in the downtown area.  The Sherman Heritage Festival is this weekend...that would be 2 days from now... and not a word of it has been in the paper, on television.... not anywhere.  Does that sound like a real effort to help the downtown businesses... ????  Oh well....

Hope all is well wherever you are and shades of happiness cover your day.  :o)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hello, Hermine and Cafe Press Impressions

Occasionally a swath of the hurricanes that hit the coast of Texas will swing up here and we'll get rain...sometimes lots of rain.  As far as I have heard, we here in North Central Texas have had pretty steady gentle rain, but no hard downpours.  This is the perfect rain... just enough to fill your hair with fairy diamonds.   ;o)

I haven't mentioned it, but I've opened a Cafe Press shop for Fabric Follies Two... and that's what it's called... Fabric Follies Two.  I decided that before I said anything about it I would order some of it and see if the quality was as good as I would like.  So far, I've ordered and received 2 mugs, 1 set of postcards and 1 journal.  I am really impressed with the quality.  

This is the first one I ordered.  The pic on this one is of the first crazy quilt block I ever made.  The colors are great and image is clear.  But I hadn't quite figured our how to make the image wrap around, so I did another image.

This one is the pic of the bottlebrush bush that was outside our motel in El Cajon, CA.  It did much better.  With the mug, I also added postcards and a journal.

The quality of these is wonderful.  I have been so impressed .. ;o)  I don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it.  So now I will go ahead and mention the Cafe Press 

Looks to be a busy day ahead... Good day for cleaning out my work room... again.. ;o)

Hope all is good for you today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creating A Home... Free Thread Holder Tutorial

One of the most popular posts on this blog concerns a thread holder that my sweet DH made for me a few years ago.  It's made of wood and is really good for use with a side table.... However, if there is no side table and you have to either hold the thread/yarn in your lap or on the floor, this may not work too well.

 Jim, from Creating A Home , has posted a wonderful tute using the most basic thing on the kitchen shelf... a coffee container.    I had to make me one.  I use it not only for crocheting, but also for needle tatting, holding the thread/yarn when I am warping my Kromski Harp, when I'm measuring thread/yarn for my tablet weaving loom..and any other time I need to pull a continuous length of thread/yarn.  Love it...

I think the heat has finally pushed my bad mood buttons.  Been a little funky for the last few days... my poor sweetie..sigh  So I think in response to the cold wave pushing through that will bring the temps down to 97° (we can only hope) today, I will be looking around and appreciating all that I have... my sweet DH, those warm snuggles in bed in the mornings, even the gray in my hair.. ;o)  Soooo.... for a few days we will be playing Pollyanna around here... it never fails to make me realize that bad moods are just that... not even a reality... just a passing fancy...

Have a really good day.. ;o)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Winter Guest

I was working hard on finishing up the cards, shuttles and thread packets for the last Tablet Weaving Class at the RR Historical Museum tomorrow.  DH was gone to coffee...the house was quiet.  I began to scan through the guide on the television and came across a movie starring Emma Thompson... she's one of my very favorites.  I had never heard of the movie, but decided to watch it anyway just because she was in it.  And another thing... this was the Directorial debut for Alan Rickman... another of my favorites.

I have to say that it was one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time.  The depth of the personal insights for all the characters reached out and  touched me. Emma portrayed a relatively young widow with a 17 y/o son... the visitor was her mother who was portrayed by Emma's real mother, Phyllida Law... and their interactions were so deeply true to life.  I cannot tell you about the movie... if I did I would only make it sound trite.  I am unable to verbalize how it affected me... It may not do the same for you. But I have to give this movie an absolute 10..

Have a wonderful day.. ;o)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen Towel Holder Pattern

I was wandering the web the other day looking at some of my favorite craft sites and came across a pattern for something almost like this.  For the life of me I cannot remember where it was.. sigh  If any of you know where to find that pattern, please let me know and I will give the author of that post the credit she deserves.

I did make one change to the pattern, but this one is almost completely the same...

What I needed:

1 metal clothes hanger
Cotton yarn ... I used Sugar and Cream Cotton  Yarn by Lily but this pattern would work with acrylic or wool in either sport or worsted weight
Crochet Hook  size I

The first thing I did was have my DH cut a metal clothes hanger to a length of approx. 10 inches.  Then we curled the 10 inch length into a circle with the ends overlapping about 1 inch.  I used tape to hold the ends together.

Row 1:  Starting anywhere on the circle, attach the yarn.  SC as many stitches around  the metal circle as it takes to hide the metal circle. Join with a slip stitch to first sc.

Row 2:  Ch 1, sc in same stitch and in each sc around the circle.  Join last sc with a sl st to first sc of round.  Ch 1, turn,

Row 3: sc in same stitch, sc in next 11sc,  ch 1, turn.

Row 4 thru 14: , sc in same stitch, sc in next 11 sc,  ch1, turn,

Row 15: sc in same stitch,  sc in next 4 sc, ch 2, skip next 2 sc, sc in next 5 sc, ch 1, turn, (The skip 2 sc and the 2 ch stitches make your buttonhole.)

Row 15: sc in same st, sc in next 11 st, ch 1, turn,

Row 16:  sc in same st, sc in next 11 st. ch 1, but do not turn.
 Now sc in each stitch completely around the piece.  Fasten off.

I used a button about 1" across.  Fold the top of the piece down until it just touches the circle.  Find the button hole and use that as a guide to place your button.  Sew the button on using either the same yarn as what was used in the piece or any sewing thread that you like.

Now sit back and enjoy your Kitchen Towel Holder.. ;o)

This is a really quick project.  This was crocheted in about an hour last night while watching tv.  I hope you enjoy it.  It would make great quick gifts for Christmas... throw in a couple of kitchen towels, a few hand knitted dish cloths and there ya' go.. ;o)

The summer sun is still hanging in there giving up 100+ temps every day.  Even the birds get all their running around done in the morning or evening..

Have much to do today... Hope your day is good and that you are staying cool.. ;o)

Friday, August 06, 2010

Still can't put any comments up on my own blog...?????

First of all... thanks to Kristy of This Bean Knits for trying and succeeding to comment on my blog.. ;o)  However... I have not been able to post a single answering comment or any other comment since I changed the look of my blog... Still wondering what's up with that and having a dickens of a time trying to contact Blogger Support... Oh well... will keep trying.  Just wanted everyone to know that I am aware of the problem and trying to fix it... sigh

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I need to buy some folders.....

Some days it just seems like the piles of paper on my desk are out to get me... Ever have a day like that?  And things like my camera and usb port bone seem to be magnets for things like my DHs 16' tape measure and my granddaughter's ball that was left here when she visited.  Now add in my crochet books, calculator, sale flyers from JoAnn's, a list of "Things to Blog", a list of harmful ingredients in OTC drugs that I promised my DH I would research online, my coffee cup and hand lotion and well... it finally gets hard to even find my pencil cup!  And the question is.... How Does This Happen?!!  I have concluded that this is as insidious as weight gain!  I looked for folders to file some of this "stuff" away and .. just as I thought... there are none.   Oh well... it's just a short trip to Office Depot... sigh

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Of Clocks, Eggs and Darn! It's Hot!

My sweet DH has been working in the shop for a while now.  He finished his clock and it's lovely.  He's made 11 clocks and there are only 5 here in the house.  I told him that this one is mine.. ;o) ... and not to be given   Every clock he makes is lovely.  This one is solid are most of the clocks he designs and builds.  There is more oak in the shop... and he's already planning the next clock.. ;o)

When I started spinning I began to learn to knit socks.  Now I knit "sleep socks" for my DH to keep his feet warm at night.  This prevents the "charlie horses" and cramps that send him on his midnight prowls  through the house in search of relief. 

Of course, with all the scooting of the heels and sides of the socks across the sheets, pretty soon little holes begin to appear that are pretty rapidly followed by big holes.  I found a You Tube video ... here ... that showed me how to darn socks.  I bought a couple of darning eggs...alas they were too small.  I found that the only thing that was big enough and easy enough to use was an incandescent light bulb.

Now I know that my hands are strong ... sort of... but not really strong enough to crunch an incandescent light bulb.  (I hope not anyway).  But I never could quite get past the sensation that if I wasn't careful I'd be picking tiny pieces of glass out of his sock...and possibly my hands... Sooo.. when he came across these 3" finials on one of his wood shop odds and ends sites online and asked me if I could use them for my painted eggs hobby... I immediately thought of darning eggs.

While he worked on his clock, I was drawing, wood burning and painting this egg.  It has several coats of polyurethane on it to help protect it from the needle, but I will have to use it for a while to see how well it works.  It fits perfectly in the heel of his socks and is easy for me to hold and control while I'm darning... loving it.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the finish holds.. ;o)

Here in North Texas it's supposed to be 105° today and tomorrow.  They are telling us that the humidity should only be around 30%, so perhaps it will only feel like 105°... we can only hope...  This will be a really good time for air conditioned spinning... ;o)

I hope all have a good day today.. and... as my grandmother used to say...
"When you have a flat on your car...relax.. It's God's way of protecting you from that big truck that's down the road."  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Curves and Kids.. I Am So Loving It!

I was out running around a  week or so ago.  Errands, hair cut..that sort of thing.  I found myself across the street from our local Curves.  I have been looking at the sign every time I go to the bookstore or to have my hair done for a long time. I decided to stop in and find out what it was all about.  I knew right away that this was something I could do.So I jumped in with both feet and boy oh boy.. is it ever great.  I've only been going a week and already find myself with more energy than I've had in a long time. (Make that a "very" long time.)  Everyone is pleasant and welcoming.. makes me look forward to going... Imagine me looking forward to

I can't believe I haven't put the pictures up of the kids visit.. ;o(   So I will now.

First, of course,  is my sweet Hannah. This is our only grand daughter and she is now 2 years old.  She's not too sure about her first trip to Texas and all these new people so it was quite the visit.  Her Aunt Loretta is holding her... Hannah calls her Nana.  Son Phil and Loretta have never had children so this was pretty wonderful to watch.. ;o)

This is Dad.. son Chuck.  Talk about a doting
father.. ;o)  I just love it. 

Two more sons.. Phil and John with very talented daughter in law Tomomi..

What a wonderful visit.  Makes me (almost) wish they were all small again.. ;o)

It's hot, hot, hot.  My grapevine out back wilts low every afternoon. It perks back up when the sun goes down, but it sure is being stressed. I see a few clouds popping up in the southwest but that really doesn't mean much here.  I think the weather definitely has a mind of it's own and will do just as it pleases... does that remind any of teenagers.. ?? ;o)

Just to leave on a reality note..  A woman never realizes that her mother is right until she's about 40... too late.. she already has a daughter that knows she wrong.. ;o)   Have a good day.. ;o)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

What's up with my Blogger comments?

I clicked when I should have clacked a day or so ago when I was checking the new designs for Blogger and found myself  with a new look whether I wanted it or   Isn't it always the way with curiosity?  Anyway, I find that with a little tweaking I really do like the new look... even better than the old one.  There's just one problem... my comments are not showing up at all.  ?????  I have it set up to send comments to me as e-mail, so I know I have some.  I have even answered with a comment... but they don't show up.  Anyone have any ideas what to do about that?  I've tried everything I can think of... sigh

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome, Little Levi.. ;o)

Good morning all... What a lovely sunrise this morning!  The picture just doesn't do it justice.
We had a little rain yesterday, but not much.  It's really nice to see everything green for a little longer. 

My Aunt Edna and Uncle Bobby have a brand new (their first) great grandson.  His name is Levi and he was born yesterday morning.  What a little cutie he is!  My the time does fly... I carried little Levi's grandfather around when he was tiny...walking the floor with him until he would go to sleep...

Not much crafting going on this week.  Plans are being made for the July Craft Saturday at the museum.  Nothing set in stone yet, but lots of ideas. 

I'm loving this... ;o)  This is a magnetic board from Knit Picks that my friend Marianne gave to me.  I've wanted one for quite a while... just never seemed to be the right time to order it.  And it works every bit as well as I hoped it would.  Thanks, Marianne.. ;o)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Love and Intrusion

This is a poem that I wrote in 2001... I found it in some papers that had been stashed. It was submitted to and I only found it when I found the letters telling me that it was to be published on a compact disc and cassette tape as a deluxe three-album set. ... amazing...

Love and Intrusion
© Linda Ingram

I sit in silence, watching the activity around me
Knowing that in the heart of my loved one
Love and Intrusion sit side by side
In the depths of his heart...
Wondering when one or the other
Will Stand
And push the issue
Of my presence.

Summer, The Class and the Crepe Myrtles...

It's hot outside. As a result there is a lot of staying inside or doing the smart thing.... run to the car and jump to point B and jump out... run to the door of said point B. Thank goodness for the intermittent showers we've had.
The class at the museum is done.. ;o) It went really well and everyone had fun. The bad thing is that I was so busy I forgot to take pictures until everyone was gone! This is my friend Marianne (in white t-shirt) and Jessica helping me put everything away. Fun day..;o) Now to come up with something creative for next month... thinking along the lines of Beaded Wishes...

It's funny that since we have stopped feeding the birds..(due to an infestation of mice in the shop where the food was kept)... it seems that now the grapes actually have a chance to fruit. I think the Cardinals were eating them and feeding them to their babies before they had a chance to grow. Personally I would rather have the but not real happy with the mice... soooo

The Crepe Myrtles are beginning to bloom and I love it. They are one of my favorite flowering bushes of all time... and the color of ours really shines against all that green in the meadow.
As we drive through town it just make for something beautiful to see in almost every block of town.
We are expecting our son and daughter in law from Michigan next week so this will be a week of I can hardly wait for them to get here. And there is a possibility... perhaps...that the beautiful tiny granddaughter will get to come visit too.
Hope you have a lovely day... and week.. ;o)

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday Again...

My husband and I have decided that every day is Friday... It seems that no matter what happens, if one of us asks the other "What day is it?".. the answer is invariably "Friday!".

I am finally finished with all the things necessary for the class on Tablet Weaving that I will be teaching at the Red River Historical Museum on Saturday, May 19, 2010. I talk more about that on my blog Fabric Follies Two .

The year is slipping by but I finally did get some flowers and things planted along the front of the house. I love driving up and seeing flowers instead of an empty looking house.. amazing how flowers are so welcoming.. ;o) This is the second year for the hawthorne shrubs and the first year for the artemesia. Getting impatient for everything to round out. ;o)

It's been so long since I've blogged that a whole host of things have been happening. My sweet DH has found the joys of ebay... ;o) I now have 5 (that's five...!) usable spinning wheels, 1 flax wheel that needs a little work and 1 antique wheel that I've had for a while. Amazing.. ;o) He is encouraging me to give some classes in spinning to see if we can't build up a little more interest in this area. And that's exactly what I intend to do.. as soon as the Tablet Weaving Class is finished at the Museum.

This is the Ashford Traditional. I find that I enjoy the fact that this wheel is a little taller and larger than my Kromski, it is very stable... but is a little harder to treadle.

It came with Angora goat curls.. wow.. have not only never spun them, but have never seen them before. They feel silky and I'm going to have to find out if they need to be processed into sliver before I spin them. They are VERY clean...

More on each wheel in the days to come..

Son Phil and his wife were on vacation a while back and one day I receive this call out of the blue..
"Mom.. I'll bet you never thought we'd be in a place like this.. !" They were in Earth Guild at Asheville, North Carolina.

All I can say is "Wish I was there!" They had a wonderful time and he said they were amazed at all the things they found there. (Just so you know... none of my children had ever seen a spindle, spinning wheel or raw wool until I began my fiber arts journey. ;o) Then a few weeks later, guess what arrived in the mail... !! This is merino... and I can't wait to start spinning it.

I hope you have a good weekend... We don't have anything special planned, but am looking forward to a trip to McKinney in the near future... The antique stores and downtown restaurants are calling... I hear them clearly... ;o)