Sunday, August 01, 2010

Of Clocks, Eggs and Darn! It's Hot!

My sweet DH has been working in the shop for a while now.  He finished his clock and it's lovely.  He's made 11 clocks and there are only 5 here in the house.  I told him that this one is mine.. ;o) ... and not to be given   Every clock he makes is lovely.  This one is solid are most of the clocks he designs and builds.  There is more oak in the shop... and he's already planning the next clock.. ;o)

When I started spinning I began to learn to knit socks.  Now I knit "sleep socks" for my DH to keep his feet warm at night.  This prevents the "charlie horses" and cramps that send him on his midnight prowls  through the house in search of relief. 

Of course, with all the scooting of the heels and sides of the socks across the sheets, pretty soon little holes begin to appear that are pretty rapidly followed by big holes.  I found a You Tube video ... here ... that showed me how to darn socks.  I bought a couple of darning eggs...alas they were too small.  I found that the only thing that was big enough and easy enough to use was an incandescent light bulb.

Now I know that my hands are strong ... sort of... but not really strong enough to crunch an incandescent light bulb.  (I hope not anyway).  But I never could quite get past the sensation that if I wasn't careful I'd be picking tiny pieces of glass out of his sock...and possibly my hands... Sooo.. when he came across these 3" finials on one of his wood shop odds and ends sites online and asked me if I could use them for my painted eggs hobby... I immediately thought of darning eggs.

While he worked on his clock, I was drawing, wood burning and painting this egg.  It has several coats of polyurethane on it to help protect it from the needle, but I will have to use it for a while to see how well it works.  It fits perfectly in the heel of his socks and is easy for me to hold and control while I'm darning... loving it.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the finish holds.. ;o)

Here in North Texas it's supposed to be 105° today and tomorrow.  They are telling us that the humidity should only be around 30%, so perhaps it will only feel like 105°... we can only hope...  This will be a really good time for air conditioned spinning... ;o)

I hope all have a good day today.. and... as my grandmother used to say...
"When you have a flat on your car...relax.. It's God's way of protecting you from that big truck that's down the road."  

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