Thursday, August 05, 2010

I need to buy some folders.....

Some days it just seems like the piles of paper on my desk are out to get me... Ever have a day like that?  And things like my camera and usb port bone seem to be magnets for things like my DHs 16' tape measure and my granddaughter's ball that was left here when she visited.  Now add in my crochet books, calculator, sale flyers from JoAnn's, a list of "Things to Blog", a list of harmful ingredients in OTC drugs that I promised my DH I would research online, my coffee cup and hand lotion and well... it finally gets hard to even find my pencil cup!  And the question is.... How Does This Happen?!!  I have concluded that this is as insidious as weight gain!  I looked for folders to file some of this "stuff" away and .. just as I thought... there are none.   Oh well... it's just a short trip to Office Depot... sigh

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