Friday, August 06, 2010

Still can't put any comments up on my own blog...?????

First of all... thanks to Kristy of This Bean Knits for trying and succeeding to comment on my blog.. ;o)  However... I have not been able to post a single answering comment or any other comment since I changed the look of my blog... Still wondering what's up with that and having a dickens of a time trying to contact Blogger Support... Oh well... will keep trying.  Just wanted everyone to know that I am aware of the problem and trying to fix it... sigh


Linda S. said...

Another test to see if I can get this to work..

Linda S. said...

Whoopee! Found the problem and hopefully it's fixed. The only thing is... I really wanted the comments embedded below the post instead of this pop up thing.. but I can live it.. ;o)