Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

I could think of no title for this post. I really like the format of a journal, but I don't like the idea of using someone else's and therefore having to link back to their site. I don't know why that is... I just don't. Probably because my memory has taken a hike and sometimes I forget...leaving me feeling like I have committed the unforgivable sin... ;o) I will keep working on it and come up with something....

The Memorial Service for my brother was yesterday and went well. It was good to see everyone and learn that Curtis and Rosalie will be moving closer in a few weeks. We will even be able to visit after being apart for the last 40 years... ;o) How cool is that?

We are considering an e-store on ebay to sell books... not that we would ever have excess Stay tuned... more on that as the story breaks.. ;o)

The office floor is fixed at last... no more loose tiles. Just hope this spring is not as wet as last spring and maybe it will stay that way. DH says that if it does it again all the concrete under there will have to come out and be replaced.

Why are they allowed to have so much bone ground up in hamburger? I just want to know. Don't they ever have teeth break while eating a hamburger... ????? sigh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today In My Life....March 24, 2010

Today in my life: March 24, 2010

I got up this morning: bleary eyed but with enthusiasm. The tile on the office floor will be fixed today. No more fear of either breaking it more than it is or of me falling on my fanny every time I step on a loose one... :o)

I am hearing: the movement of traffic out on the highway. It's funny how it's almost never noticed any other time but in the quiet of the morning.

The current book: is by Robert B. Parker .. He's a new author we are reading after seeing Tom Sellick as Jesse Stone in a couple of "made for television" movies. Love them.

Creating: Many things over the last few weeks. One of them is a small needle tatted doily. I am so enjoying this craft. Very easy to do, very easy to carry with me when I need something for my hands to do on a trip or a visit to the doctor.

As I
look out: the season is finally changing and Spring is here. I am so ready for this change. The gray days are wonderful after a long, hot summer... but it sure seemed like we had more than we needed this year.. ;o)

I am thinking: that I should be grateful for all the little things in my life...and some big ones too. In a time of sorrow it's really easy to forget all the good little things... like memories...

Plans for the rest of the week: My brother's memorial will be this weekend in the town where our family has lived for at least 150 years. At least 4 generations are buried there.

From the learning desk:
Have finished 15 tape looms to use with the class I will teach at Red River Historical Museum in June. The cards (8 each) are finished and tied together. The pattern is printed off. Now have to put together an instruction booklet and cut all the yarn for each packet. Still have to make about 100 rice bags to use for weights... But it's all coming together.. ;o) Looking forward to this.

Just a thought: "A home is not a mere transient shelter: it's essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it." H.L. Mencken

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hello, Patty... ;o)

Hi everyone. I know it's been a long time. I could use the excuse of Facebooking again, but the fact is that I am having a hard time coming to grips with the loss of both my brother and my sister. This makes it a little hard for me to come up with something more than a Facebook line or two to write. But since my friend Patty from Virginia keeps giving me little nudges... here I am.. ;o)

Our sons from Phoenix came home last month to get their house ready to sell. I'm sorry they are selling the house and moving permanently to Arizona, but it was really good to see them. During the visit, Jim taught me another Needle tatting... I love it. I seem to do the same thing trying to learn this that I did trying to learn knitting. I get lost in the pattern and then have to pull out large amounts of it...and believe...frogging tatting is not nearly as easy as frogging He blogs about it..and other things.. on his blog Creating a Home. I completed a medium sized, red bookmark as the first thing I did...but .. believe me... you don't want to see This is the second thing I completed. I have no idea what to do with it, but the pattern was so easy I made 3. ;o) I think I will join them together, make a 4th and have myself a medium sized doily. Ta da! Hmmmm...maybe that should be "make a 4th, join them together and have a doily.."... that might work

I also committed myself to teach another class at the Red River Historical Museum the 3rd Saturday in June. This class will be tablet weaving... We (as in my sweet DH and myself) are in the process of building 15 looms for this class. The photo is of 120 cards that are in the process of being made...8 per loom... to weave this pattern...

This is also the type loom we are building. I am hoping this will be a fun and informative class... and they the student will love this as much as I do.

The ribbon on the left was done using 10 cards and polyester sewing thread. It came out lovely. There will be several more ribbons made of various materials before class time comes around so I will have some samples to show what can be done with craft.