Friday, December 24, 2010

Today In My Life... December 24, 2010

Today is:  Friday, December 24, 2010

I got up this morning:  feeling a little down.  It's Christmas Eve and none of the kids are able to come home.  It forces me to remind myself of all those holidays... when my children were growing up or I was unable to get time off on the holidays or there was a  lack of money for long trips... and the tons of other reasons that my Mom or Dad had to spend their holidays without us there.  It's true... we never understand or appreciate our parents until we are parents.. and in similar circumstances.  ;o)

As I look out the window:  the flock of crows that greet us every morning by doing a fly-by of our window have not shown up yet.  In fact, none of our morning greeters.. sparrows, wrens, chickadees... have shown up.  Wonder if they are hiding out in preparation for the cold front moving through.  Supposed to get really cold (at least for don't point, Phillip!)  ;o)  

I am hearing:  my sweet DH in the shower.  He (and I) have loved that shower that our sons put in for us.  Really will miss all the wonderful memories that have come with this house.. ;o(

I am thinking:  that perhaps I feel a little like Monte Walsh.   We went to McDonald's yesterday morning and had  breakfast.  Someone had left the Herald Democrat  newspaper on the table.  It's about 1/2 as wide as it used to be, has about 1/10th the number of pages and reminds me more and more of the very old newspapers of the Wild West that had no pictures.  And now with the e-readers, I'm afraid the same will be happening with "real" books.  I'm afraid the world as we know it is changing much too rapidly for me......

I am thankful for:   magic markers and corn cob ink pens.. ;o)

Creatively:   thankful for Joe Camilleri of Mangiare .  Wonderful chef who unselfishly publishes on his blog some of the most mouth watering recipes imaginable.. woo hoo!

Just a thought:  Colors... like friends.. beautiful each to itself.  Colors.. beautiful in a mish mash of random shapes... each close and making each other shine!


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