Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today In My Life... Saturday, 12/18/2010

Today is:  Saturday, 12/18/2010

I got up this morning: and wondered how my sweet DH can sleep with all the accumulated accouterments that I now have on my side of the bed.  I guess the lack of my snoring all night must make up for the lack of stretching room.. ;o)  I hope so anyway!

As I look out the window:  I realize the shades are still drawn and the vision of Christmas lights I see so clearly stems from times past when my mom and her husband spent days putting lovely lights all around the house (as did every other house on their block)... and then the wait began.  The wait for the shining eyes, glowing cheeks and laughter as each child in turn was awestruck with all the glittering wonder of the Season. 

I am hearing:  the clock that was made with such care by my sweet DH as it chimes softly the 3/4 hour...telling me that it will soon be 6:00am...

I am thinking:  that it doesn't really matter how many classes you take, professors you listen to, interviews you take part in, spend your days working with... you will never understand a geriatric patient and their thought processes until you are one.

I am thankful for:  old things that are stashed away gathering dust and cobwebs.  The old glasses that allow you to see while that "forever" period passes and new ones are made... the old mouse that still works when the new one dies... the old keyboard that may not be so "ergonomic", but still fits the fingers like comfortable old shoes.

The one thing I learned this week:  isn't just one.. ;o)  But the one that I remember as of this moment is that shea butter is a wonderful thing.  I bought some a couple of years ago..along with many other make my own hand creams.  I did make the hand cream and now have all these ingredients left over.  Shea butter..on it's own.. slathered over the back of very dry hands at night makes a huge difference when you wake up in the morning.  Mine is a tad old and the smell may not be wonderful, but the hands are clapping "thank you"... ;o)

Reading:  but mostly not... I just cannot seem to find a new author that I really like.  I will think I've found one and then it just fades away.  Back to reading David Baldacci's  "The Camel Club"  for the fourteenth (at least) time...

Creativity news: continues to be centered around the Pi shawl I am attempting to make and the most enjoyable friends that are growing into the Red River Fiber Arts group.

The Pi shawl is coming along, but I'm afraid I won't have enough of the New Zealand wool yarn to make it as large as I wanted to make it.  I suppose I could spin  up some Romney in a natural color that would match, but haven't decided yet.  I have started to take it off the knitting needles using a crochet stitch.  Considering doing a very large crochet edging to add another 4" or so to each side... that would add 8 inches to the diameter.  Will see about that..  

Red River Fiber Arts group... see the smiles on the faces and all that food on the table... there is nothing more to   (Except the secret of the pounds gained... ;o)  What a wonderful, talented and fun group of ladies.

Plans for the rest of the week:  ... hmm.. there's not much week left.  Today is laundry day and will certainly include .. ta da... "the mopping of the floors"....that sounds like it should be some kind of mystic holiday... ;o/ 

A picture thought:  

When you leave a place, leave a small piece of your joy behind as seeds of contentment for the next persons who live there.

Christmas is almost here and regardless what it's called or how much rigmarole is presented by the press... Christmas is a personal thing for each family... they can't change any of that.  ;o)  So have the happiest of times during this Season.  ;o)

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