Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.. !!!!

Where:  Butterfield Stage Theater, Gainesville, TX

When:  Mid 1990s, somewhere around 8 pm.

For:  Butterfield Stage Players performance of "A Camp Howze Christmas"

Starring:  (among others)  one of my sons

My mom was sitting beside me.  I'm not sure whether she had ever been to a Community Theater before.  She was a little nervous and seemed a little unsure of herself.

The lights dimmed and a spotlight was beamed on the table of a small cafe' scene on stage.  The songs began and she laughed along with me and everyone else as Jim and a couple of his singing buds appeared on stage with WAC uniforms, wigs and stuffed bras that kept falling  Then there was the jitter bug that she had been sooo good at dancing. (As a child, I loved it when she would hop up from a chair and suddenly begin be-bopping )

Mom had been a young waitress during the last months of World War II in a tiny little Texas town called Lorenzo.  The scenes were all too real for her as we watched "the home front" replayed through the songs of that period that were so well done by the young singers and actors. 

The lights went way down... a back lit silhouette became visible behind one of the windows high up on the wall.. it became very quiet in the theater and the soft sounds of music began as Jim began to sing...

I heard a small sound and looked at Mom.  There was a tiny tear falling down her cheek. 

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