Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday Again...

My husband and I have decided that every day is Friday... It seems that no matter what happens, if one of us asks the other "What day is it?".. the answer is invariably "Friday!".

I am finally finished with all the things necessary for the class on Tablet Weaving that I will be teaching at the Red River Historical Museum on Saturday, May 19, 2010. I talk more about that on my blog Fabric Follies Two .

The year is slipping by but I finally did get some flowers and things planted along the front of the house. I love driving up and seeing flowers instead of an empty looking house.. amazing how flowers are so welcoming.. ;o) This is the second year for the hawthorne shrubs and the first year for the artemesia. Getting impatient for everything to round out. ;o)

It's been so long since I've blogged that a whole host of things have been happening. My sweet DH has found the joys of ebay... ;o) I now have 5 (that's five...!) usable spinning wheels, 1 flax wheel that needs a little work and 1 antique wheel that I've had for a while. Amazing.. ;o) He is encouraging me to give some classes in spinning to see if we can't build up a little more interest in this area. And that's exactly what I intend to do.. as soon as the Tablet Weaving Class is finished at the Museum.

This is the Ashford Traditional. I find that I enjoy the fact that this wheel is a little taller and larger than my Kromski, it is very stable... but is a little harder to treadle.

It came with Angora goat curls.. wow.. have not only never spun them, but have never seen them before. They feel silky and I'm going to have to find out if they need to be processed into sliver before I spin them. They are VERY clean...

More on each wheel in the days to come..

Son Phil and his wife were on vacation a while back and one day I receive this call out of the blue..
"Mom.. I'll bet you never thought we'd be in a place like this.. !" They were in Earth Guild at Asheville, North Carolina.

All I can say is "Wish I was there!" They had a wonderful time and he said they were amazed at all the things they found there. (Just so you know... none of my children had ever seen a spindle, spinning wheel or raw wool until I began my fiber arts journey. ;o) Then a few weeks later, guess what arrived in the mail... !! This is merino... and I can't wait to start spinning it.

I hope you have a good weekend... We don't have anything special planned, but am looking forward to a trip to McKinney in the near future... The antique stores and downtown restaurants are calling... I hear them clearly... ;o)

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DangAndBlast! said...

I wish I could come to your class! (You do mean June 19, right?) Lovely spinning wheel.... Need to post pictures of my own....