Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frustration... so let's sew!

We thought we would have to call a repair man to check out the washer and dryer when we began to find dark spots that look like oil on our clothes.  But we turned to the trusty personal computer and internet and guess what we found?...  Gunky build up on the dispensers and in the tub are supposed to be what causes it.  We spent all day yesterday working on this...took all the dispenser apart and cleaned them in the kitchen sink, washed the entire dispenser area until it squeaked.. ran a full load of whites with the recommended 1/4 cup of powdered Cascade w/Dawn degreaser and 1 cup Clorox.  Whites came out pretty white, but the next load of his shirts and my pants showed no appreciable difference in the spots... ughhh  Still working on this today... ;o((

By the time our tempers had vented from the frustration we decided it was time for a hug, supper and a little quiet.  We had supper, watched "Frost" solve another case,  and I decided to do a little hand sewing. 

I have had that terrible urge to do something...anything... with a hand needle for the last couple of weeks.  Why is that do ya think? Anyway, I have this pile of wonderful flour sack tea towels that I've had hidden away in my work room (there's a story...more on that later) so I decided to dig them out.  Over on Fabric Follies Two , I will be blogging about some embroidery that I used on one of them.  I digress...again.. sigh 

After cutting them in half, the hemming went like a charm.  This stuff sews like butter.  I'm thinking of buying another dozen and sewing me up a blouse or something to wear with it... you think I'm kidding.. not!  ;o)

It's going to be a busy week.  Company flying in from Idaho that DH hasn't seen in many years.  I'm really looking forward to this.  They get on the phone and do nothing but laugh...  It does a heart good..  ;o)

Hope your day is good... Hugs..

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knitting bean said...

I also have one of those horrid washing machines. I will NEVER buy another front loader again! We had to get a HE washer and that's what was available. We have septic tank troubles, so the water dept. suggested we get one. It gets so moldy and stinky inside of it. I just recently cleaned it out with the special, and expensive, stuff you can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Didn't work for long! They are definitely mold catchers. Yuck!