Saturday, November 12, 2005

Crochet Thread Holder

In the process of crocheting the snood, I kept having to chase my thread all over my recliner. Since my husband's recliner sits next to mine, I tapped him on the hand and asked if he could build me something that would help this situation. This is what he came up with and it is wonderful! The thread pulls off easily as I am crocheting without having to pull off a long loose string that becomes loose in my fingers. No more rolling away balls of thread! And the weight of the base holds it easily on my chair arm without continually having to re-balance it. Is he not great??!! grin


springmeus said...

I'm still an amateur crocheter, but I can see the genius in this design!

Linda_S. said...

Thanks, springmeus. I'm really enjoying it and working on having him build me a box that will hold skeins of yarn with a small hole in the top to pull the yarn through. He's busy making gifts right now, so will have to work on it after Christmas..grin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a neat handy idea! And God bless you and your family and keep his hand on your grand guys. My son is back from the Navy only slightly damaged -- and I'm grateful every time I see his smiling face! Now that you've mentioned a snood, I'm going to be looking at what you're doing. My hair is long, and I'd love to see how you're doing that. BG Chamberlain, Oklahoma Girl

Linda said...

Thanks for the kind words, Oklahoma Girl. ;o) I finished the snood, but since I have very short hair I never wear it. Sometimes I wish for the good old days when I had enough hair for 3 people...but Father Time is relentless. lol Anyway, here is the post for the snood.
I'm happy your son is back and well. One grandson just arrived home from Iraq this week and we are ecstatic.