Friday, November 18, 2005

Hot Chocolate & Christmas Gifts

There's nothing quite like hot chocolate and brightly colored Christmas packages to make a great evening. Last year I made instant hot chocolate and placed it in a huge container for the family. (I still have some left.. ya think I may have gone a little overboard?? grin)

Earlier in the year, I made these small crochet bookmarks. I think I will use them as gift decorations and give them to the ones I made them for in the first place. What do ya think?
This is one of the patterns I used. I tried to find the other patterns I used, but will have to put them up later. I especially like the pineapple one in the picture.

But.. during my search I came up with
this page. Some really cool patterns here. Like the tiny hat and mittens on the key ring in the pic.. Can't wait to try that one! There's a huge list of wonderful patterns if you scroll down and hit the back button on the bottom of the page.
Finally...finally.. finished the newsletter today and got it to the printer 30 minutes before they closed... whew! But it turned out better then I expected and we are actually pleased with it... so guess all the tweaking was worth it.

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