Thursday, November 24, 2005

Aunt Edna on "Life"

I received this email on this Thanksgiving morning from my Aunt Edna. She says many wonderful things that just fit the day (and life in general) and I couldn't resist the urge to share it with you. So here it is:

"Thought I would share my ramblings with you all.
I was in dishwater up to my elbows, getting ready for Thanksgiving...and these thoughts rambled through my mind. I dried my hands and rushed to the computer before the words were gone forever and not to be captured again.
Hope your day is very, very happy today!

By Edna Ingram

Next week is our 50th wedding anniversary.
When our children were small and so sweet and precious, I thought that no time in life would or could be as good as this!
Then they started growing up some and their activities multiplied and we were on the road a lot trying to take in all their activities and enjoying seeing them excell in lots of their endeavors...and I thought that no time in life would ever be as good as this!

Well, they were almost grown up and their values echoed our values and we were so very proud of them and it was then that finally I began to know there would be other good times.

When they grew up and moved a few hundred miles away, they came home frequently on weekends and when we expected them to come, I would stand and watch at the window. I could see headlights top the hill a couple of miles west of us and I would stand at the window and watch to see if the car would turn south at the next hill. Sometimes it did...sometimes it kept going east...but when the car turned south and came under the street lights a couple of blocks from our house, I could tell if it was their car. Then I would go turn on the porch light for them and meet them at the door.

One night I was expecting them and I watched until three in the morning...then decided to go to bed. That was the time plans had changed and they were not coming. It was easy to stand for hours watching, because by the time I knew one car was not theirs another would be topping the hill, and I just had to wait to see if that one was them. It was wonderful standing and watching and anticipating their coming. And I thought that was a very good time in our lives.

Then the grandchildren came and what a grand time that was! We were busy going to their activities as they were growing up and it was so good to watch them as they excelled in lots of things they did. They are all grown now and their values echo their parents' values and when they come, we are not situated geographically where we can watch for their headlights...we just have to be content with their cars driving up in our drivway...but it seems that no time in life can be this good.

Now our children are going through all these phases in their lives...the last one being the 'empty nest syndrome', which is the most distasteful of them all...but it has to be endured for the next phase to come around.

I'm excited for them...I'm excited for us! Every phase of life has its great moments. We don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future...and we are going to rush into it with faith in God, without fear and with great anticipation...knowing that it holds something we have never experienced before!"

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kiki said...

that was beautiful, thank you for sharing.