Monday, November 14, 2005

Grateful Monday

The finches are back. Last year we had dozens that spent the winter with us. I'm not positive what kind of finch this is, so if anyone has an idea, I would love to know.
Kiki, over at What Was I Thinking, (love this blog! grin) does Grateful Friday. I think it's a great way to sit down and list the things that happen on an everyday basis that we seldom take the time to acknowledge. Tonight I think I will do Grateful Monday.
So today, on Monday November 14, 2005, I am grateful for my tired husband who has worked all day in his shop and then put his own plate in the dishwasher, the finches that returned this year, the leaves in a huge pile at the shop door that make the backyard look like we live deep in the country and scrunch under my shoes, my $9.99 bag of cheap brushes that I found today when I needed a smaller shader to paint on my project, the lids to some of my teapots and the tiny cups that go with another of my teapots that we found yesterday in a box that has been packed away for a year, the sound of the birds singing each morning as we drink our coffee on the porch, the huge oak tree in the yard that produces enough acorns that we can watch the squirrels pick them up for weeks each year... to be continued...

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