Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday STRESS ..grin

As if there is not enough to do right before Christmas, we decided it was time for new curtains in the guest bedrooms. Can you say insanity?!! So as we were hanging the new curtains (which had to be cut off and re-hemmed), the idea for valances covered with the left over pieces jumped up, so of course off we go on this tangent. grin The pattern of the fabric seemed to lend itself to the curve shown on the trial valance Hubby cut for me yesterday and it really would be lovely cut that way... (the trial valance is not stapled...therefore the loose look...but you get the idea!) In the process of doing the trial valance, I realized that if everything did not line up perfectly in the center of the curves (there would be 3) it would look very amateurish... so I think the valance will be straight cut. The throw pillows were done quickly and there will be matching pillow shams for the bed pillows. Nothing like a little stress to add zest to the holiday season! grin (There is another room to be done also...with a window of the same size and another very large window...more on that later!)

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kiki said...

those are gonna look really nice when you're done