Thursday, July 16, 2009

108° .... Phew.. Good Time to Spin .... Mangiare?

When DH came in yesterday from coffee with the guys, he said the bank temperature sign said 108°. I personally wouldn't know since the closest to outdoors I went was to take a few things to my workroom quickly and shut the door behind me as I left. :O)

The silk/merino mix that I bought in Tucson at Grandma's Spinning Wheel has been spun into a 14 wpi 2 ply yarn. When I have plied what is on this spindle I am hoping to have enough for a light, lacy scarf. I love this stuff... The silk gives it a wonderful sheen and the softness just makes me want to walk around with it glued to my

If you have read my blog for a long time, you know that I started this blog blogging about embroidery and ribbon embroidery. One of the best I have ever seen at this is Julia Camilleri of
Julia's Place . Well... her son Joe is a chef and has his own blog called Mangiare. What a jewel of a site! Recipes that will make your mouth water. And even one for my favorite of all time... Bread Pudding! Have a look and see what you think... You won't be sorry.

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