Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vegetable Stand

We found a Vegetable Stand here in town and decided to go see what was up with it.  Drove across town and found packing crates strung around fruits and veggies.  The fruits and veggies had been freighted in just like any of the stores.  But they did have some peaches that looked fair, some overripe strawberries and some .. ta da...banana peppers!  I seldom find banana peppers in our stores.
I looked online for recipes, but they all called for sugar or for making large batches of pickled peppers.  So, I made my own recipe.  I used:  1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar, 1tsp salt, 2 tsp pickling spice, and 1 clove garlic.  In a couple of weeks we'll see if I like them or not.  ;o)

 The peaches are in a freezer bag and freezing.  The strawberries were not good enough to eat fresh, so they were cooked down in a medium syrup for about 30 minutes then poured through a sieve.  The strawberries have been wonderful on toast and the syrup is waiting for me to find something to put it  But I did taste it with a spoon and it is seriously wonderful ...

Now... with all that being said.. my SDH and I have begun using Atkins Shakes and have seriously started dieting.  So... ;o( ... no more strawberry syrup...

Anyway, this is late July and August is just around the corner.  Let me tell you the joys of Iced Coffee!... ;o)

Have a wonderful day...

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