Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cotton Yarn on My Charka

I haven't been able to spin lately due to some back problems.  I'm actually thinking of an electric spinning wheel to cut out the need for treadling, but in the mean time I thought I might give my charka a try with spinning wool.

There was cotton already spun on it, so I had to ply it to get it off. This was a naturally green cotton.  It grows green.  Imagine.  :)  Now bear in mind that I am not very proficient with my charka.. :)  This would be a new experience. 

After I took the single off I began to ply it back on itself into a 2 ply yarn.  Now I am wondering if that is a how you ply cotton!  I recently learned from Leef at Apple Leef Farm in Van Alstyne, TX that flax should never be plied back on itself.. but we didn't talk about cotton.  Anyway... this is how I plied it and I found that plying on the charka was quite easy.  I didn't think I had very much on there, but it seemed that I would never get it all  It turns out I had spun 100 yards of singles and ended with 51 yards of double ply.

 I've read that to set the twist and draw out the color of cotton it should be boiled for 10 minutes.  I looked it up and it said to also add a teaspoon or so of soda.. so I did.

Was I surprised..!  Just look at the difference!  I have some more cotton on my takhli and I'm thinking I may have to take it off and see what color it

It's gonna be a hot day here in North Texas.. over the 100° mark.  Gonna stay inside and  piddle around with the house getting ready for a visit from DS and DDIL  next week.  Just hoping that the sun decides to give us a break on the heat while they are here.  Going to put on some tea to boil, turn up the fan and have a wonderful day.  Hope you do to.. :)

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