Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Neighbors are Moving

Our neighbors are moving.  At least one of them is...  I suppose it's a story of the effects "progress" has on all relationships. 

It's a middle aged couple.  He is an immigrant from another country who is well educated, speaks several languages.  She is a bit younger and they are both very ecological minded.  It seems they have lived here for years and enjoyed their life on the outskirts of town... away from all the traffic, noise and emission pollution.  And then we came along.....

Our builder bought this adjoining property and the original proposal was for 4 homes on it.  There was quite a dispute about it from all I've heard.  In the end the homes were cut down to three and the garages changed to open on the front of the house instead of the back.  Our home was built 4 years ago along with the house next door.  The house next door sold this year and the last house began to take form a few months ago.  And... there is now a very large church across the street.  And... there is now a Wal Mart about to open on the corner.  There is small group of professional building down at the curve,  a small housing development across the way from us.  Progress has arrived...

I have to admit that I feel very sorry for them... and for anyone else who is feeling the pinch of society moving in at a speed that is almost impossible to comprehend.  One day all is quiet and peaceful and the next day you are having go to the end of the block to make the turnaround just to get into your own drive.   Suddenly 7 foot fences block off all the sunlight from your garden and dogs are barking at your cat.  Watching the sunrises and sunsets are a thing of the past because you can no longer see them for the buildings.

I must say that I love our home... our dogs Sam and Katie... our 7 foot privacy fence.  But I am also sad that the changes occurring around us are having such an effect on the lives of the people who have called this area home for many years.

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