Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Conundrum... To Do or Not To Do

I've been debating with myself for weeks now about whether or not to open an Etsy shop for my paintings.  As some in my family would say.. "You've wallered it around long enough!".   I expect they are  And my poor DH is so tired of my asking him what he thinks that I suspect he just turns his hearing aid down and shakes his head.  :)

I have sold two already and have had several people ask about some of the others.  Realistically .. I don't think Picasso or Michelangelo have anything to worry about from my art  ... but they probably would sell a little.  The big question is... do I really want to be tied down to an Etsy shop?  have to worry about being gone for several days and not be able to fulfill orders in a timely fashion?  Would it make my hobby a "job"?  What about artist's insurance?  What about taxes (which I don't really think would ever be a problem since there would not be that much income)?  Taxes mean keeping records.... and so on and so on.. 

But... the thing is... where am I going to put all these paintings and cards???

"I can hear it now.. no one can answer that but you."  The thing is.. in posting I have to think it through just by writing it... so .. there it is.. the conundrum..

The latest of the efforts ... These were all inspired by photos that I found online... there is no way to know who to attribute them to. 

 This one of the table and chair touches me deeply... That worn table reminds me of something wonderful... I just can't remember what.  And that cup and saucer.. my grandparents ALWAYS had cups and saucers.  The coffee was always poured into the cup to cool it and then sipped from the edge of the saucer..  The wild flowers..  I just love it... what can I say.. lol 

This one was painted with real coffee for my coffee loving daughter.. :)  

This one.. well.. it just makes me happy to look at it. 

The rain has stopped but the mist and fog has continued for several days giving us quite gray days.  My basil is doing great in the pot in the back yard.  There's a marigold that came up volunteer and is blooming like crazy, and my wild onions decided they weren't dead after all.  

I hope your day where ever you are is a really good one.  Hugs.. :)

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