Thursday, March 30, 2006

Annie's Attic and Crochet Magazine... Sorry... Annie's Attic No Longer Has Free Patterns ;o(

Annie's Attic and Crochet Magazine have teamed up to include some of the "Talking Crochet" back issues of Crochet Magazine newsletters on the Annie's Attic website. Since I subscribe to "Talking Crochet", I can absolutely recommend it. This is a really good development..grin Now some of those free patterns that come out in the issues of Crochet Mag are once again available. There is also a daily free crochet pattern on the Annie's Attic site... that's a "two for one" ! The operative word here is "daily" for the Annie's Attic one... each day there is a new one, so be sure to bookmark it and check back every day or it will gone!

Went looking for this Annie's Attic page not long ago (June 2010) and the free patterns are no longer there. I don't know what has happened that it has been discontinued, but thought I should tell you before you click on the link... ;o( 

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