Monday, October 08, 2007

Fischer's Market

Last Saturday, after spending the morning playing with Jim's new treadle sewing machine, we all decided to go to lunch and to Fischer's....

About a 45 minute drive from here is a very small town called Muenster.. yes, as in the cheese...;) It is a truly German small town and has a German store called Fischer's Market. Well, this is where we went on Saturday. They have everything from German Sausages to Hot German Mustard to home made sauerkraut.

I decided to try some of their home canned things this time and was totally surprised to find Peach Cobbler (with pie dough) canned. Wow.. had no idea you could do such a thing. We haven't tried the Chow Chow yet, but when the Hot Asparagus Bullets say Hot... they mean "Hot!".

We had lunch at a restaurant called Rohmer's, where they serve all kinds of German food. Very good German food. All around good day.

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