Friday, December 26, 2008

Is It The Flu?

This was the main part of our Christmas this year... DH came down with it first about 4 days ago and then yesterday mine really made itself felt. Needless to say, we are disappointed that the son that has just moved to Arizona could not come by while he is back home packing up...but like he said..."I really don't think I would like a spiking fever about Alamagordo.." He is going back today with a U Haul filled with the rest of their furniture.

The meadow looks barren and dreary with the leaves all gone. It was a nice 50+ degree day yesterday and is supposed to be again today. The sun did not come out all day, just remained on the cloudy side.

On a "sweeter" note..grin This tin was packed full of wonderful sugar cookies when it arrived a few days ago. Christmas package from son and DDIL in Michigan. We kept telling ourselves we really shouldn't eat these sweets... hmmm... looks like it really worked, doesn't it?

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