Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Pot of Veggie Beef Stew

It's cold outside. This is our first really cold snap of the year. This picture was taken at almost noon and it hasn't even reached 30 degrees yet!

This started yesterday with the north wind biting through our clothes. Coming home from coffee we noticed small drops of rain on the windshield and by the time we reached the area near our house, the car began to slide a bit as we crossed the overpass. Traffic had slowed to about 30 mph.

This morning the schools are closed. It will not reach above 32 degrees all day.... according to the local weather channel. This seemed the perfect day for good old-fashioned vegetable beef soup and a big pot of cornbread.

It's a little down day... son-in-law and his mom left yesterday with the first load of furniture for the new home in Arizona. (A little jealousy here...warm, warm, warm down )

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