Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today in my LIfe.... 10/18/2009

Today: October 18, 2009

I got up this morning: at a little after 6, made a pot of tea for me and coffee for DH...turned on the computers and realized it has been 10 days since I have blogged here...

The weather is: much cooler in the mornings and the evenings. I have had to pull out my heavy terrycloth robe and every time I put it on I smile as I think of son and son-in-law who gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I am hearing: my sweet DH as he putters about getting his coffee. The clock that he made is bonging 7:00am. It has such a nice tonal sound.

My one thing learned this week: It's easy to move the warp of the large inkle loom if you use both hands... pull up with the left hand and down with the right hand and the warp slides easily across the pegs.

The current book: is Easy Prey by John Sandford. It's a Lucas Davenport novel and I like him almost as much as Alex.

My diet: has changed from the Atkins diet to the Cabbage Soup diet. I like this one because it has so much more diversity in what I can eat. And it is This morning... 182... that's 24 pounds... yayyy 36 to go...

Family news: Another grandson has left for the Army. That makes 4 grandsons in the Armed Forces right now... Dustin, Joe, Steven and now William. We are very proud of them... and wishing the world would regain a bit of sanity...

My brother Larry has become a Grandpa again. His son Brian has a new baby girl named Margaret Jane... They call her Maggie... and Maggie's older sister is Mandie.. ;o)

Looking forward to
: a visit from daughter and grandsons before Steve has to return to duty at Fort Riley...

Just a thought
: Mark Twain says... "Be careful about reading health books... You may die of a misprint."

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