Thursday, April 07, 2011

Today In My Life.... April 7, 2011

Today is:  Thursday, April 7, 2011

I got up this morning:  and it was 4:40 am.  My back and  shoulders have hurt so badly over the last 10 days that I find it difficult to go back to sleep after I wake up.... so here I am with a cup of Apricot/Peach tea, my buddy laptop and you this morning.  ;o)

As I look out my window:  it's quite dark out thanks to Daylight Saving Time.  The light of the cars shine bright red as they recede down the hill out front.  I have always loved DST because the evening is so much longer and my children had more time to play in the summer.  That was before they moved it up so much that now kids have to stand at a bus stop in pitch black to get to school.  I don't like that.  At all.

I am hearing:  the slight noise of the very first clock my sweet DH made.  It's a pale country blue. I have painted roses on it and it hangs in the kitchen.  It's one of my favorite things.

I am thinking:  that it's a wonderful thing to know that things are much better for my sweet DH.  His cardiac cath showed an almost 100% blockage in one of his coronary arteries.  The stent was placed and there could be no better news than that!

Also: exactly one month ago I posted here that I was very grateful that Steven was coming home from Iraq.  Today.... well, see for yourself. 

This can also rank up there with the best of the best that I am thankful for.  It was such a joy just to put my arms around him (on tiptoe, no less) and hold him.  We went  to IHOP and were going to sit in the same seat that his brother Jeff and  I would sit in years ago... but the smoke was wayyyy too much for both of us.  So we sat somewhere else and talked.

I love you, Steven.  It's so good that you're home.

The one thing I've learned during the past week:
It's much easier to be the "patient" than it is to be "waiter"My sweet DH had a CT scan this week for reduction in blood flow to his feet.  This comes only a couple of weeks after his coronary cath with stent placement.  Now... being a nurse one is aware that for the most part all is well...but being a wife is entirely a different thing.  Not fun being the "waiter".....

Also.....Even if you are near crying with pain, a new chiropractor will not adjust your back on the first visit.  That's why I'm still in pain.  While I really liked her, we are having to wait for the orthopedist that cost a fortune and did no good about anything to send my MRI results to her.  May have to go and hand carry them from him to her... ;o(

Creatively:  all things have just come to nil.  I've tried knitting, card weaving, crochet.... nothing seems to work out just right.  Couldn't be pain related, could it?  I've spent more time frogging and just plain ripping out than accomplishing anything... ughhh

But I have to say that our Red River Fiber Arts group continues to grow and is more fun with each meeting.  We are planning to have a booth at Arts Fest this September.  So far, there is not a web site for this year, but there is one for last year.   Here it is and we can only assume that it will be very much the same this year.  Everyone is working on projects and we have built up quite a lot already.  Should be great fun!

Plans for the rest of the week:  include buying all the little things to finally finish up the new house.  Had to buy a couple of lights yesterday that we had missed on our first trip to Lowe's.  Things are finally finishing up, but even though I've said "should be done in a couple of weeks"  at least 3 times now... what was supposed to be done mid to late March will now be done about late April or early May.  But considering the winter weather that's not too bad ... even if we are in a hurry... ;o)

Just a thought:  Unless I did something very wrong, I've found that I cannot paint the tile to go behind the stove in the new house.  I did a quick and dirty painting on 4 of the tiles, cooked them in the oven like the instructions said.  I then waited overnight and washed them.  The regular wash was great, but when I tried the scrub with a mild abrasive it scrubbed off.  I decided not to paint them after all since the replacing of tiles in 4 or 5 years is not something I wanted to look forward to... 

I hope you all have a really good day.  And I hope some part of it is filled with a great bit hug!  ;o)


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. I can't imagine the pain if that's what prevents you from you craft/knitting/painting. Check out Creative Cottage website in McKinney to see what I'm doing once a month on Wednesdays with my hobby. HUGS, Betty

Anonymous said...

I'm not as computer smart as you, so after you wonderful comment on facebook, I had to review my comment to make certain it didn't indicate I owned Creative Cottage. I don't; but what a dream come true if I did. I've always wanted a scrapbook bed and breakfast. Two things I love: cooking and scrapbooking could be combine. Oh well, that will never happen. But I'm blessed to be able to rent the place once a month or so. Thanks!

sheepthrills said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well and hope that rights itself very soon. I'm very happy for you that your son came home from Iraq!

Anonymous said...

Such a special post, wish you all the best!

knitting bean said...

So glad to see you on here and that you're doing 'pretty good'. I hope all goes well with the chiropractor and soon! Isn't it wonderful when our loved ones come home from Iraq? My nephew has been back for some time now and will officially be out of the Army in May! That will be a very, very happy time.

painting techniques said...

I am happy for you guys! May is fast approaching!...Daniel