Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bread Box and Milk Jugs..

I love Lehman's Amish Store ... It has everything you would ever want for non-electric "stuff".  My sweet DH found the breadboxes one day and asked if I would like to have one and you can guess what I said.. :)  And I do love it ..

I've been keeping dry milk on hand and making it up as I needed it for years.  Lately.. after the doctor told me I was so deficient in Vitamin D that it was almost nil.. I've been drinking a lot of milk every day.  I started mixing up 2 quarts at a time of the dry milk and adding a little 1/2 and 1/2 to it. The 1/2 and 1/2 adds back the cream and makes the taste so much better.

I guess my sweet DH got tired of constantly moving the pitcher to get to what he needed in the fridge and he asked if I would like some real milk jugs... Blimey.. I didn't even know they made these anymore!   And I do love them!

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm already tired of all the political stuff... sigh   Seems to get worse every 4 years.. sigh again..

Have a wonderful day!  :)

Monday, March 07, 2016

A Little Nostalgia

Years ago... back in the 1960s ... everyone was saving their cans and making plaster of paris log planters.  I can hardly believe that was 50+ years ago... sigh  Anyway, I was thinking about all the plaster of logs I've made over the years and decided to do it again.. :)  So I did..

This one is made with small cans and I had to hunt to find the tiny little dog to put on it.  Little whatnots like that are hard to find these days.   I found this one in a cute little shop in the old mall that was once the hub of shopping for our city.  It is now almost completely empty... another bit of nostalgia and signs of changing times.

Our little city is growing by leaps and bounds. The traffic on our well traveled streets is growing and we now (almost) have traffic jams during the early morning and late afternoon as people go to work and get off work.  This means more road construction, more housing developments and more people.  :)    Areas that were empty pasture are now filled with lovely homes or new apartment complexes.  New businesses are springing up every day.  Exciting.. :)

Have a wonderful day!  :)

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Home Made Bread and Things

 I finally decided to get the food processor out that we bought last year and try to learn to use it.. :)  I found a recipe for whole wheat bread and decided to cut it in half since I didn't think the processor could hold the entire thing at once.  After about an hour watching YouTube videos of how to use it, I gave it a try... and felt entirely silly for putting it off so long.  :)  The results were wonderful..

Went out to check on our Bradford Pear tree in the front yard that was planted last year and stopped to see the pansies.  I don't know how we did it, but it seems that one of them was a different color from all the rest.  And I love it!  I'll wait until it has some more blooms and you can bet at least one or two will be picked to be pressed and kept!  This photo may also become a watercolor painting.  :)

We've had such beautiful weather for almost all winter that I have to pinch myself to remember that Spring is so near.  The temps will be in the 70s for the next couple of days and then possible rain.  :)  I didn't think I would ever welcome rain again after the flooding of last spring.  I'm still not sure about my peach tree in the back yard... Flooded and sat in standing water for a month... May not live but I'm not giving up yet.. :)

Have a wonderful day..