Wednesday, May 16, 2007

8 Things About Me

8 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I cannot sleep (or even lie on the sofa) without some kind of cover. I may have both feet stuck out, arms out, ceiling fan on, air conditioner set at 50 degrees... whatever it takes... but there must be cover.

2. My feet continually grow... I know... I once wore a size 6 1/2 shoe... now it's an 8... I can only hope it does not continue. (They say it is also that way with noses.... pray it isn't so!)

3. I have forgotten the original color of my hair. Which doesn't really matter, since almost all of it is now white .. (sounds better than gray) !

4. My brain travels much faster than I can finish projects. My list of UFOs grows as we speak. If I find something that intrigues me, I feel almost compelled to at least try it... right now. I wish I had the same compunction when it comes to finishing things.

5. I think it is a shame to allow the handwork and trades of history to disappear. Today most forms of handwork are making a come back after several years of being looked at as "grandma's" thing. If we look back far enough, we find that the naalbinding, card weaving, embroideries of times as far back as the Viking era are in some ways superior to what we have today. And they were the Barbarians!?? I think the more we study their histories and trades, the more appreciation we have of the true abilities and ingenuity. I laugh when I think about what the archeologists will think of our society as they dig it out the ground in 1000 years.

6. I don't like to clean out the refrigerator. I do it... but I don't like to do it..

7. I miss the days of letter writing. Don't get me wrong... I like the immediacy of e-mail, but I miss those personal letters that arrive sort of out of the blue... the joy of opening it and wondering what's up... and then being able to read it again, holding it in your hand, 5 years later and comparing what's happened in the elapsed time.. I wonder how many children of 18 years old today have actually received a real letter (as opposed to a birthday card, etc.).

8. I love to read. The pic is of me on the train to Chicago... going to visit our son Phil. (Ignore the no make-up part...please...) It seems to be almost a sacrilege to part with a book after reading it. Which is one reason I will almost always buy a book before going to the library. I have been known to have as many as a couple of thousand books at one time... all read by me... usually read at least twice and if I really liked it, 3 or 4 times. It's a sickness... I know... grin
Edit: DH pointed out to me that putting a full face pic on the net is not always a good idea, so that one is removed ... and a new one put in it's place...

Here is the part where I am supposed to tag 8 more online friends... but since there are not that many that I converse with often, I will only tag 3...

Corina of PatchScrap

~firefly of I live on a farm..

Mariella of Knitting Nonni


corina said...

Dear Linda, I just discover this blog of yours, I use to "visit" you only on "fabricfolliestw". I will try, for you, to write 8 things about me:)You are right, this is a way to know each other better!

Jo said...

The best part about this meme is when someone writes something and you say "I do that too!" It builds connections.

I wish there were some sort of grownup school for lost handwork I could get a graduate degree from, I'd be there in a second. You and I would be classmates, I suspect!