Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SRF Quilt, Rocking Chair Pincushion & Whine

I have been working most evenings and some during the day on the Split Rail Fence quilt. I began putting the binding but there was a snag... update on the Fabric Follies Two site....

While we were in Stonewall at Wildflowers & Rosie, I found this wonderful little Rocking Chair Pincushion. It stands 7 1/4 inches high and I first thought what a wonderful little artifact this would make for me to paint.. something like this egg... I like the drawer... And the color of the rose on the needle book Tomomi made for me just matches the color of the pincushion fabric. So, I haven't decided whether to paint it or not... Any suggestions?

Our trip back to Stonewall may have to be postponed. Monday I had to cancel my physical therapy appt. because of "an event" with heart or whatever... (they keep telling me it's not my heart)... so I went to physical therapy yesterday morning.. bright and early at 9am... and 1 minute into therapy the same thing happened again... the physical therapist immediately called the doctor and an appointment has been made to see him this afternoon. I can have no more physical therapy for my shoulder until whatever this is has been resolved... sigh

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Jo said...

Oh dear. Sending prayers your way that all is well.