Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hi, Patti.. (big wave)

DSIL was here yesterday and spent a pleasant afternoon. He brought "the Brigit" with him, so everyone was happy...grin. It was a surprise to learn they lost Angel (a 14 year old shih tzu) a couple of weeks ago. She has been a constant companion in their household for 12 of those 14 years and will be missed.

It was back to the doctor on Tuesday. I guess the knock about in the auto accident did something to my right shoulder. I've been taking Motrin 600mg for it every day and it has kept the worst of it at bay. Will start physical therapy next week and go back in a month...

DH has been at work again the shop. We have been in need of taller end tables ever since we bought the oversized recliners, but could never find any that would work for us. So last week he went out and (using some new cabinet doors that DSIL brought) built us some. He used an 18" ceramic tile for the tops and that is wonderful. I had no idea how wonderful that carefree surface would be! No more worrying about water spots, scratches, spills... terrific! The shelf inside is really handy for me to keep knitting needles, threads etc, handy but out of the way.
I will be painting these and perhaps do some folk art of some kind on them... depends on whether DH would like that or not. (I may do mine and then leave his as he wants it... can't decide how that would look yet..)

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