Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Shopping is Done!

I think for the first time my life the Christmas shopping is done without the last minute rush. Amazing!

I ran to the Dollar Store yesterday to pick up some wrapping ribbon...they had none... only the curling ribbon. I wound up buying a rug set for the kitchen... Then went to the Dollar Tree... they had only curling ribbon or wire edged fabric ribbon... walked down to Hobby Lobby... they had wonderful ribbon..only $17.00 a a deal!..not .. I finally drove down to Target and there I found just what I wanted. Whew.. that 10 minute trip turned into about an hour and a half. Didn't have that much trouble buying the gifts!!! lol

I finished the shawl I was knitting from my homespun Corriedale. It turned out wonderful. Feels really nice! I wanted this to be one that will keep you warm, so used the "dishrag shawl" pattern found here...

I've now picked up the red that was part of my second dyeing batch and am working on a scarf... the pattern is Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf... I thought this would be good for the holiday season. And I love this pattern...very easy to work up during the evening tv watching.

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Jo said...

The shawl looks just yummy. Nice work.