Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stress Free.. at the

I forgot to take a picture of the mess... Oh well.. The gifts are finally wrapped and under the tree.

The Christmas Village is up (for the most part) this year. I had decided not to put it up again until I had a permanent base for it to stand on. I get tired of the little street lights falling over...grin A little glue to a permanent base would fix all kinds of little things. But I decided that if I wait for that, I may not ever see it again... sooo.. up it went.

The days are still fairly warm.. just have to wear long sleeved denim jacket... but the nights seem to be awfully Our son and DDIL that live in Michigan would laugh at that.. our nights have not hit freezing yet .. at all... but getting closer.


corina_jansen said...

love your town, some day I want to make one for Miriam!

ericat said...

I admire and appreciate home made gifts! Not to mention home made cards for birthdays and xmas.

Over here we live in our hobbies too. Sort of confusing when a hobby becomes work, but then it is better than work we do not like.

Enjoy xmas and a busy new year.