Thursday, January 31, 2008

Expired??? That Is The Question!

DH and I decided yesterday after the dermatologist visit to stop and pick up a few groceries on the way home. I won't say which store we buy from... but the initials are "Albertson's"... Now we have always bought our hamburger at the fresh meat area as I can have it packaged in one pound packages...easy for me when it comes time to cook.

We stopped at the counter and told the "butcher" behind the counter that we would like 5 pounds of hamburger wrapped in 1 pound packages. Ok... I was looking somewhere else as the first 2 pounds were wrapped...then I noticed something not quite right. The hamburger on the tray in the window was not getting any smaller...hmmm I watched more closely and the "butcher" (she) was reaching under the trays in the window and getting hamburger from hidden packages stored there. hmmm....

I asked her to please show me the package that she was getting the hamburger from. She was immediately flustered, her face turned a little red and she proceeded to tell me (many times) how fresh that hamburger was and that it was the same as the hamburger on the tray and that the only difference was that it was packaged..there was not enough hamburger on the tray..yada yada infinitum... BUT SHE NEVER ONCE SHOWED ME THE PACKAGE ... NEVER ONCE SHOWED ME THE EXPIRATION DATE ON THE PACKAGES... That will be the last shopping done there.....

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