Friday, January 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


We're having wonderful company this afternoon from McKinney. I've done some picking up, wiping down this morning and am really looking forward to dinner out with good company.


I've been looking sooo forward to spinning the Icelandic fiber that I got in McKinney a while back. That Merino fiber just seemed to last forever while I was spinning it..grin (Sure feels soft and silky tho!)
So I pulled the Icelandic out of the plastic bags, began to look through it and found that it is FULL of vegetable matter. UGHHHHH! So now will have to go back to McKinney and buy some carders...sigh

But I did pull a little out and try it with my spindle. It will be like nothing I have spun before and it is a little easier to make into very thin singles.


Got my hair cut....and cut....and cut....and cut... It looks like a modified, gapped, ragged Marine's high and tight with the hair on top left about 3 inches long.... sigh.... I should have known ... NEVER allow anyone under 40 to cut your hair... About 2 hours after the haircut the Merle Norman Studio made some big bucks selling me a wig...sigh

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corina said...

I like that you started with "the good"!