Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today's The Day

Well, today is the day. DH and I did the early voting thing last Friday and I'm glad that is done. If you have read my blog very much you will already know that I am a fiscal Republican with a few social leftist leanings ... if that makes any sense.

It's true that this is a historic election for the United States. I just hope that people will cast their ballots for what they believe is the best thing for the country and not for the color of someone's skin or the gender of the person running.

But then... I'm not holding my breath. And I do understand. Women on the ticket...any ticket...would have been unthinkable in my younger years... as would any person of color. Like I's historic.

But then, so are the several crises facing this country. And if you want to know the truth...I'm not sure there is enough experience among all of them to really do the job.

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