Monday, January 05, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today: January 5, 2009

Outside my window: the sky is a steel gray color that looks as cold as it really is... there is supposed to be freezing rain today with ice on the roads.

I am thinking: that this is not the most pleasant weather in the world. I was looking forward to going with DH for coffee, having my nails done and just getting out of the house after the long spell of being cooped up inside. But then the idea of staying home and making a huge pot of soup is good I wonder why purple kool aid has a tendency to fade and run more than any of the other colors I have used.. hmm... My ears are freezing.. Can you tell I have only had 3 cups of Looks like the number of cups of coffee has nothing to do with my thought process focus this

I am thankful for: Johannes Gutenberg. Can you imagine life without books? And by extrapolation, the internet. Without the internet I would not know how to knit, spin, use a spindle, nalbind, dye my yarn, identify different wools, cook half of the things I cook, expand my friendships... or have met my wonderful DH...

I am very happy that my father was a real proponent of reading and education. Books were always to be found at our house. Reading was always encouraged.

From the kitchen: comes nothing really unusual this week. I made some no bake chocolate cookies a couple of days ago and have been eating myself into oblivion on them every time I pass them in the kitchen. This is why I don't make them very

I am wearing: that same favorite green housecoat. It is very warm and comfortable when I get up so early and the thermostat is turned way down for the night.

I am reading: Mary Mary by James Patterson. This is one of the new (used) books I got at 1/2 price bookstore yesterday. I am trying to complete my Patterson collection.

I am hoping: that the son in Arizona is feeling better today after not feeling well for several days. And that daughter who is back home now is feeling better this morning.

I am creating: another sock to go with the one that I made for DH that was too small and fit me. It might be nice to have a pair of that particular mistake.

Around the house: I spent yesterday putting away things that were moved around during the week it took to put down the tile floor. After being sick for so long, I was tired of looking at the formal dining room table filled with odds and ends. There is so much small stuff that I know it will be a while before I stop finding little things here and there. I think it is time for a garage

One of my favorite things: is Balsam of Peru. This little essential oil is great for many problem areas of skin. It is the main ingredient for one of the most effective medications used in the medical field for pressure sores. I have been using it on DH's feet... we have to be very careful with his feet because of the diabetes. Whenever I make any kind of lotion or body butters, it always has this in it.

I am hearing: the whir of the tiny space heater that I keep beside my desk. It is a tiny life saver in the early morning when the weather is cold.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

I wish you this kind of day!

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