Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weight Watchers

I finally made up my mind and attended my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. It was quite interesting, but I think it may take more than one meeting for me to grow excited. I do think it will work and I do think it is the most healthy way to lose weight.... and at just pushing past the 200 mark, it's time. The low carb diet works..but I had been on it several times and am just tired of never having apples and pears and oranges and a glass of milk...sigh Don't think I can do that again.
There were several recipe books and things to buy at the meeting. I did not buy any, but only because I want to gauge my reactions to this before I tuck away large amounts of money on it. If I can get excited about it... that's great. If not.. no point in spending the money.
More to come later...

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