Friday, April 17, 2009

My Space

On several of the sites that I visit regularly some of my online friends are occasionally showing pictures of their space or of various corners of their homes. Here is "My Space". This is where I sit in the evening..or any other time I want to spin, weave or hand sew. The spinning wheel was in use at the time this photo was taken...spinning the last of the Chocolate Merino Lamb pencil roving...sigh (Love that stuff!) Back in the corner at the center of the picture is my Kromski Harp Loom...still warped and ready for me to finish the placemats and runner that I started before we left for Arkansas. It's a toss-up to see which will be finished first... the flax roving that is waiting for me patiently in my stash or the

My DH sits in his recliner right next to me on right of the picture. He says that he really likes my many hobbies since I can work on them all I want and he can still hear the

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