Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Flowers Quilt

I was wandering through my fabric stash the other for something or another and came across...voila... a baby crib quilt piece of fabric that has to have been there for at least 5 years... Since it is pink and green...girl's colors... I guess I thought I would never have a need for it. But now there's Hannah..!! :o) Well, it is now in the process of being quilted... This will be much quicker than the last one. I will not be doing any embroidery on this one.

And... guess what... when I was in JoAnn's the other day... lo and behold...what did I find...and on sale, no less...for 99 cents... but the impossible to find in this town or any nearby town... a quilting foot! I have looked everywhere...asked everywhere. No one has one and everyone wanted to send me to Wal Mart to find one.. I had already looked there and they didn't have one. It will get it's first tryout on this quilt.. ;o)

The sun is shining today and the temps will rise this afternoon into the low 90s. I haven't looked at the weather, but I'm sure hoping for at least a week respite from the rain. Of course, along about August everyone will be praying for can't be pleased....

Have a really good day...

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Anonymous said...

there's a great little sew n vac shop in denton on malone street right off of university. i don't remember what it's called but it's where i got my quilting foot. they know all there is to know about machines... just fyi if you ever need anything else... and happen to be in denton... on malone street. hahaha can't wait for you guys to get out here