Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lightening, Recall and Dishcloths

We were doing up the dishes from supper last night when we heard a popping noise and then very loud thunder... This has just been the year for it... It knocked my computer offline, but not his and we never found anything else besides the fact that the garage light was on. All this and we only had a 30% chance of rain yesterday... ;o)

The water once again was almost inside the front door, so we looked a lot closer and realized that when we had the flowerbeds put in this last year the edging was placed just about 1/2 inch higher than the front porch. The water no longer could drain off the porch... so now we have had standing water almost inside the house this year every time it rains more than 1/2 inch. DH pulled the edging up a bit and the water immediately started draining off the porch... That's what we need.. !!! Another fix-it!!! ;o)

We got a notice in the mail last week that the new Chevy Colorado pickup DH bought earlier this year has a recall on it already. Some computer module. When he called the dealer it seems that they did not have any of that part in stock, so we had to wait until today to take it in for repair.

When GM announced that they were closing so many of their dealerships we kept our fingers crossed until we got word that ours was not one of them... phew!

I just cannot keep my hands off the knitting needles... sigh It's an addiction... I wish someone had warned I seem to have become really "into" knitted wash cloths, dish rags, dish towels... whatever you want to call them. I love the way the cotton knits up and how it feels and drapes. I may have to knit me a cotton sweater or vest or something... I think I've become "titched"... as the hillbillies ( "a little touched in the head..." )

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