Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hiding My Head In The Sand... Mariella's Mitten Tutorial

We got home Saturday... tired and happy. Got to see that lovely little granddaughter and got some great pictures, but... alas... my pc crashed last night so I cannot post them until my pc is fixed. That shouldn't take but a couple of days (we hope) .... In the mean time, I guess I can post using my sweet DH's pc...but he has NO pictures on his... so this is one I had in Flickr.. It seems to fit my mood... ;o)

I just popped over to Knitting Nonni and she is doing a tutorial for those great mittens with the thumb in a comfortable place... imagine that... a comfortable thumb placement.. amazing. This will be one that I will have to do... Thanks, Mariella, for taking the time and trouble to post this tute....

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