Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Charles Ward

Charles Ward married my mom over 30 years ago. He has been a staple in our lives for a long time. He watched my children grow, my sisters' and brothers' children grow and now all of their children grow. He worked every day. He loved to grow things.. had a lovely lawn and pecan trees everywhere on their small yard and grew a yearly garden. Fishing and boating were "his thing" and he made sure everyone got to go if they wanted to go. He was "Mr. Fix-it".

Charlie loved his two daughters Lindy and Cindy. They never had anything to do with him after the divorce of their parents, but that never stopped Charlie from telling anyone who would listen that his Lindy was the greatest basketball player on the team. He talked unceasingly about them.

He died of leukemia on July 3rd. He was 83 years old. He is missed.


knitting bean said...

I'm so sorry for you loss. He sounds like he was a nice man. This seems like a year of big personal losses, doesn't it?

Linda said...

Yes, it has been. I suppose it is something everyone has to go through at one time or another and I guess I should be thankful that it has waited until now to begin. But it is still not easy... Thank you for your thoughts...