Friday, July 10, 2009

Nielsen Ratings...Our Turn

Have you ever wondered how "Nielsen" gets his ratings for the television shows? I have. Now I know. We had a call just before we left for vacation asking if we would like to participate in the Neilsen ratings for last week.

DH was not interested, but I was... if for no other reason than to see how it worked. I told them that we have absolutely no use for regular television... that we hate all the useless "reality" shows that are so scripted it reminds us of the 1950s wrestling matches.... and who in their right mind is "entertained" by watching people scream and yell at each other... ughhh They said that was ok... they wanted us to do it I did.

There is a chart for every television in the house...even if they are never turned on. All you do is fill out the channel name and number for each show that you watch for a week. Easy peasy. List the channels you have available to watch and enter any shows that you have saved on a DVR and when you watched them. Really nothing to it. Then there is a place in the back where you fill out what you really think of television in general. Boy! Did that one get filled in

Mine are to be put into the mail today. Two of them with nothing but our names in them. They were never turned on.

And now...the next time anyone talks about "so and so" got the top Nielsen Rating, I'll know how they got it... and so will you... lol

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