Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weather, Workroom and Working It Out

It's hot outside today...and a heavy sort of hot at that. It rained during the night and was cloudy when we first got up this morning, but now it's just steamy. We are both back on the Atkin's Diet and have found that if we go to Grandy's we can both eat all we want, stay on the diet and feel like we have been "out to eat" So, this morning we went "out to eat" and then to Kroger's. So much for my "day out" But with the muggy heat out there getting warmer all the time, I have to say that it was all I really wanted.

I've been cleaning and sorting through my workroom for the last few days. There is still much to do, but finally there is progress showing through the mess. During this process, I have come to the conclusion that an entire re-do is necessary. Getting rid of the refrigerator was a major step in the rearrangement process. Now there is room for another shelf. That will help immensely in finding more actual working space on the tabletops.

The "Snail and Mushroom" quilt block is finished. There will be an edging put on two sides, then the rest of the quilt will be made around this block. The complete quilt plan has not totally evolved, but I am thinking there will be tall pines on the left and underneath will be a long block with floral applique... But we will see how it comes out...

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