Sunday, July 26, 2009

Energy Efficient Window Film... I Like It!

We have 16.5 linear feet of windows in our office...facing west. The Texas summer afternoons are not easy in here even with the window shades drawn. Yesterday we started putting energy efficient film on the windows. We found some that reduces 70% of the sun's heat and 99% of the UV rays. (Did you know that UV exposure causes the back of your eyes to burn until they turn yellow? I didn't either until my ophtholmologist told me mine were yellow...hmmm) The picture makes it look like it really darkens the room...but it doesn't. It does however make what's outside much clearer by reducing the glare.

I have to say that I would enjoy this job much more if we had solid pane windows instead of having to cut all these little ones...but even with that, it is so worth it.

The snail/mushroom quilt is now ready to quilt and the le Tour de Fleece is finished... These are blogged about on Fabric Follies Two .

Have a good Sunday...

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